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Ancient Royal Incest | Erandil | 21


"Sure, why not. I'll have all my bitches sleeping together with me. Good idea, remind me to reward you tomorrow for that good initiative." You give her a wink and a big smile as she walks to your bed and sits down beside you. You lay on your back, arms outstretched and wait there. Laura immediately lies down on your left arm and cuddles against you. Her body is still hot and a bit sweaty. The feeling of her huge breasts heaving against you with each breath she takes is starting to get you hard again but there is no way you'd be able to go at it again. You mother then does as your sister did, pulling the sheets on the three of you as she does and you quickly slip in a deep blissful slumber.


What do you have in mind for the next day?

          You wake up with a hard-on


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