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"Account of Courtney & Jeremy | whizzper | 5


Jeremy led the way into the party, both his girlfriends following behind. Not that he preferred it that, it was just he didn't realize the jeans he wore made his ass look tasty to the girls.

As they stepped into the house proper they were inundated with hellos from the already gathered.

Bridgett saw Sharon off across the room, her face a mask of concern and worry. Though Courtney had already said she forgave Sharon for giving Jeremy pointers she still looked worried. Bridgett of course understood Sharon's worry. Courtney was Sharon's friend from the moment she came to town ten years before. Sharon was devastated that she may have ruined that. "Hey guys, be right back. Have to talk to someone." Bridgett said in a low voice. After receiving acknowledgments from her companions she made her way across the room to Sharon.

Meanwhile Carla had scurried her way through the crowd to greet the arriving trio. "Hey you guys, glad you could...uh...where's Bridge? She was here a second ago..."

"She had to talk to someone. I think it's Sharon. I think Sharon doesn't believe I forgave her for...uh...something." Courtney said, glancing over to see Bridgett take Sharon by the hand and lead her into the kitchen.


What's next?


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