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7 Little College Girls | kendahl6969 | 8


Suki Suzuki was lying naked in her bed, her body shaking as she recovered from another tremendous cum. This was about the third orgasm her fingers had brought about in the hour since the coeds of Dykesbeck House had decided to retire for the night.

Unlike some of her new friends, she had no interest in sleep. She was too aroused by the thought of the pretty redhead wanting to be in bed with her, as well as her own admission that she would enjoy the American exchange student, Cathy Martin, by her side.

The pretty Japanese mathematics major had the images of these lovely light-skinned girls flash through her mind as her little fingers ravaged the tight lipped entrance to her sparsely haired quim.

Now, basking in the afterglow, atop tangled bed linen, Suki thought she heard a noise in the still of the night. The inquisitive coed grabbed her shorty robe from the hook on the back of her door and wrapped it around her small frame. After she knotted the sash of her pink silk robe with the big white images of 'Hello Kitty' frolicking across it, she cracked her bedroom door open a bit.

The girls of her wet dreams were before her in the hall, readying to head up the staircase to the second floor.

Suki sighed to herself as she thought Erica, and of course her mirror image Samantha, looked delectable in their girly white babydolls. As they headed up the staircase, their round butts in matching panties to their nightie, shown below the white fluff of their babydoll's hem.

Of even more interest, was the fact that they were transporting Cathy up the steps between them. More interestingly, the pretty blonde still seemed dead to the world, her denim miniskirt revealing the white panties below as well as they neared the second floor landing.

Curious, and still not satiated, the Japanese miss tiptoed barefoot out into her hallway and towards the second floor staircase.

Finding the stairwell empty, Suki crept cat-like up the stairs, keeping low and balancing on her fingers and toes. Peeking over the second floor landing, her big brown eyes watched as the twins helped the comatose blonde into their double room.

Her curiosity and hormones further elevated, Suki waited a few long seconds and scampered to their door. Fortunately, the old house still had the open keyholes, and Suki was able to see the room quite well when she pressed her almond eye up to the hole. The fact that the twins had left the bedside lamp lit helped as well.

The petite Japanese coed was shocked to see the twins proceed to undress the sleeping American in between them on their bed. Shocked and quite aroused at being able to see more of the teen with the movie-star looks.

Suki let out a little gasp when she saw a pocket-knife appear in one of the girl's hands. She stepped back a second, hoping the twins didn't hear her.

Peeking again, she saw the twins had been oblivious to any sound and had used the knife to lay waste to Cathy's panties.

Suki couldn't help but bring her fingers once again to her needy cunny as she watched the twins share the lower half of the pretty blonde's body. She looked at the girls oddly as they each scrawled something by Cathy's blonde-thatched slit. She continued to watch as she diddled her tight twat, seeing the redheads advance up Cathy's prone form, slashing through her tee shirt and underwire bra with the same callous disregard as they did Cathy's panties.

Suki wished she could be with them as she watched the twins each devour a pink-capped teat. As the twins seemed to collapse from both booze and exhaustion, Suki took a moment to do likewise, resting her head against the doorframe.

After realizing she must have dozed for a few minutes, Suki decided she better return to her floor before someone comes across her a floor up from her room.

As the Japanese student reached the staircase, she looked down to see Anita heading in her direction. Frightened and embarrassed at the chance of being caught in this situation, Suki backed away from the stairs, still undiscovered. She decided to take refuge in the second floor's bathroom.

The bathroom light kept off, Suki left the door cracked open to see what the Indian was going to do.

Suki watched, not taking a breath, as Anita headed towards her down the hall. Despite her fears, Suki couldn't help but admire the brown-skinned girl's delicate curves, most revealed before her as Anita wore only a black lace teddy that hid little as she casually approached the twins' door.

Suki was surprised to see the door was unlocked as Anita simply turned the knob and let herself inside. The Japanese girl was curious to see what would happen between the four, but held back a minute.

It was good she waited. Just as Suki stepped out of the bathroom door, she saw the twins' door reopen. She watched as Anita gently pulled the still sleeping Cathy out of the room and deposited her there by the door, still nude. Anita then re-entered the twins' room and Suki heard the lock click this time.

Suki quickly stepped over the slumped over form of Cathy Martin, popped up against the heavy doorframe. She peered into the room, and saw Anita had taken Cathy's place between the sleeping twins.

'Poor Cathy' Suki thought. 'Used and put outside like the morning's trash.' The sweet Japanese girl would've liked to help Cathy back to the safety and security of her own bedroom, but knew she would never be able to carry all that dead weight herself. Cathy probably weighed half-again what she did. She wouldn't leave her like this, though.

Looking back at her former hiding place, Suki decided the bathroom would do for now. Maybe she could get the girl some clothes.

Cathy's feet were already pointing towards the bathroom, so Suki thought it easiest to just grab her by the ankles and pull her inside.

The Japanese teen's waist-length hair swished around her as she struggled to accomplish this small feat. But, in a few minutes, she did so, huffing from the exertion on her petite frame. Closing the door behind them, Suki turned on the bathroom light.

The bright luminescence jogged Cathy to semi-consciousness. "Su-Suki, that you?" she asked from the floor. "Where am I? Am I dreaming?" the blonde slurred, still out of it.

A light went on in Suki's head as well as she looked at the nude beauty lying on the floor below her. "Yes, Cathy. It's a dream, just a dream," she said, undoing her robe's sash.


What dreams come true?



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