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Ancient Royal Incest | Erandil | 19


When you feel your balls churning you have the quick reflex of squezing your cock as hard as you can to stop you from cumming. You hurriedly pull out of Laura's destroyed asshole and ram your dirtied dick in your mother's throat without warning. You piston her for a minute or two in order to get your rod clean and then let her breathe freely as you spear your sister's hungry snatch. You start fucking her cunt as hard as you fucked her ass, illiciting moans and groans with each very fast thrusts. "Keep licking, whore!" The Queen is surprised by the way you barked that order and immediately resume lapping Laura's clit lovingly, despite the fact that your balls, wett from sweat and cunt juices, are constantly slapping her face. All along you never stop spanking your sister's large ass, delighted in the sight of her ass cheeks reddening and wiggling with each new strike. Sure enough it doesn't take more than two minutes before you blow your load in the innermost depths of the princess' oozing cunt, forcing a new orgasm out of her. You pull out and fall back in a chair, admiring your work. The sight is breath taking and if you hadn't fucked so much today, you'd spring right back into action. Your sister is lumped limply over your mother, both their huge tits are spilling out, their legs are spraled and the Queen is still munching on her daughter's quivering pussy. Laura's cunt is gaping as well as her asshole. Your cum begins to bubble out of her glisteniung snatch down on your mother's nose and mouth. Evelyn obediently gobbles it. Your sister's rectum is a mess, from a brownish pink it is now a burning red, droplets of blood are drying all over it and it opens and closes with each breath. Her ass cheeks are a vivid red, almost turning purple, and all her unbelievable body is covered in a sheen of perspiration.


Do you go to sleep or do you still have other things in mind?

          Sleep to regain some strength


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