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Ancient Royal Incest | Erandil | 18


The Queen sits up beside her daughter with a look of horror in her eyes. The sight of Laura being mistreated and ravaged as she is is too much to bear for Evelyn. Tears swell up in her eyes and she looks at you. "Please, I beg you! Stop hurting her! Stop raping my baby, I'll do anything just stop! Please!" You look straight in her eyes and laugh. "Raping her!? I'm not raping her, Mother! The loose slut asked for it. She is absolutely willing and she is immensely enjoying herself, I'm sure! Tell our dear mother you are willingly getting your asshole pounded until it breaks and that you love it! Come on slutty bitch, tell her!" You spank her hard with each ponctuation. She looks up at your mother and licks her pouty lips. She manages to speak a little despite her moans, yelps, whimpers and groans. It's hard to make sense of the badly pronounced words that she drops between her other noises, but as she speaks your mother come face to face with the truth of your words. "If you want her to feel even better and ease her pain, like any respectable mother would, you'll slide under her and start licking her overflowing cunt." Your mother is still shocked to see her own daughter being assaulted so savagely and loving it. Seeing that she is still in a nightmare-like daze, you lean on your sweating sister and grab your mother's blond hair. With a strong pull on the handfull of hair you force your mother's head down under Laura's stomach. "Go on my royal whore! Lick her pussy, and lick her good." The Queen gets herself completely under her daughter and sticks out her tongue. She reluctantly plungit in the dripping folds of Laura's snatch and begins to lick it. After very little time, your fuck meat of a sister screms and convulses in an overwhelming, shattering climax. Wheter your mother is quite the expert cunt eater or Laura just needed attention on her cunt to release all the pent up pleasure you gave her, you can't say, but her high-pitched screams of bliss drive you over the edge too.


Where do you cum?

          In her cunt, after all you told her you'd breed her...


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