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Ancient Royal Incest | Erandil | 17


You silently rub your blood engorged cock-head against her wet hole. You feel her shivering slightly at the carress of your hard member, you can tell that she wants to get fucked badly despite her temper. You slowly push yourself inside her and begin fucking her slowly to let her feel you inside her very well. After a moment she looks at you but now the rage in her eyes is mingled with pleasure. "Come on, can't you fuck me harder than that? You know you don't have to be gentle with me. Fuck me as hard as you've fucked her in the gardens!" You grin and pull out of her. "You want it hard slut? You'll get it hard." You take a good hold of your cock in one hand and of her hips in the other; and you attack her ass. You plunge your rigid dick in her clenched asshole without warning and you do so hard enough to force it open at the first thrust. She screams in pain and surprise. Her 36M breasts swing wildly at the impact and smack against your mother's cheek. You don't let her any time to recover or get used to you before starting to fuck her hard. You thrust with all the might you have and as fast as you can. The fucking is so violent and sudden that her rectum starts bleeding ever so slightly. "That's for talking back to me and insulting me you mindless piece of meat!" She moans and yelps and whimpers, her face down looking at your mother. She quickly notices that all her noise, the motion on the bed and her fat tits constantly slapping the Queen is more than enough to wake her up.

At first Queen Evelyn doesn't understand the situation, but after a couple of seconds she recognizes her eldest daughter through her mask of pain and lust. She tries to sit up, but just at that moment Laura's arms fail her and her heavy bust falls down on your mother, pinning her down under her fat tits. You notice your mother's legs moving and smile, satisfied that she will witness you fucking your sister. You spank Laura very hard and yank her long raven hair. "Hold yourself up you whore! Mother is trying to get up!" She does her best with her body rocking hard from your powerful fucking and your mother manages to slip out from under her humongus milk bags.


How does the Whore Queen reacts?

          She is shocked


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