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Ancient Royal Incest | Erandil | 16


Maddening rage flashes in her eyes as she looks at you. You guess that she's always been the one in control and now she can't stand being helpless. With that look of hers, you are pretty sure that you will have to force her and part of you is looking forward to it; so you are greatly surprised when you see her turning over and kneeling on the bed. Her large shapely ass is high in the air, her hands are holding her heavy chest over your resting mother and her mammoth tits are hanging down, reaching the Queen's face. You didn't think she'd do it, even less that she would bend over your mother like that, with her nipples burried in Evelyn's face. You stare in astonishment at your slut of a sister offering you her cunt, her ass, and above all her womb. She turns her head with the same anger in her eyes. "What the fuck are you waiting for? Fuck me already you bastard."

You take your growing cock in hand and approch her wet slit.


Do you take her pussy, or abuse her ass?

          Destroy her ass as punishment for calling you a bastard


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