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Ancient Royal Incest | Erandil | 15


"You may be the new king, but there is no way I will let anyone talk to me this way!" You stand up and walk to her. "Oh please! You are nothing but a manipulating slut. Do you not think that I saw through your sudden illnesses that required you to go on retreats around the kingdom for months? Do you honestly think that I never caught you in bed, giving yourself willingly to the first hunk you met!? How many times have you been knocked up? Four? Six times?" She didn't know what to say. "You have been fucked by so many men that you must have seen more people inside you than our roads have seen travelers!" She is beyond mad, her face red with anger against you for speaking like that to her, against herself for being caught and against the fact that she is helpless against you since you know the truth. "I didn't call you here to offer you anything, you stupid whore! I have summoned you to take what is mine to take. Now that I made sure polygamy was allowed again, I will add you to my flock and breed you like you've never been bred." She is about to yell something at you but you interrupt her. "Anyways you've had enough bastards already, you're have to be used to give birth! You can be either a good breeding bitch or you can resist me and be turned into a royal whore like our dear Queen. Your choice, dear Princess."


Will she cooperate and take her pleasure from it, or not?

          Laura cooperates despite her rage


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