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Ancient Royal Incest | Erandil | 13


Back to your chambers you have your older sister Laura summonded. The way you think of her you're sure she is a slut. You have caught her with men in the past and with a body as hot as hers you know she never had any trouble to find fuck friends. After a while a naked servant girl with tiny tits and a very firm ass enters and announces that your sister is here. Laura enters your room and immediately notices your mother lying on your bed, still covered in cum. Her large, round bubble-butt is the tell-tale red of a long, hard spanking. The simple thought of a spanking is arousing Laura greatly. You look at her very satisfied at the fact that she is almost naked. Her heavy breasts, bigger even than your mother's, are hanging freely adorned with gold and silver chains hanging from her neck and she is weraing a light almost see-through red sash around her ever so slightly chubby waist. Although she was barely plump, no one in their right mind could call her fat in any way. Her pussy mound is shaved clean, but there is no irritation from the blade, showing her skin is already used to being shaved. Her long legs are displayed completely and her feet are clad in leather sandals. You can't believe how hot her large, round, plump ass is.
"You called for me, your Highness?"


What do you want with her?

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