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Ancient Royal Incest | Erandil | 12


You stand up, your slowly deflating cock still out, and you ask your advisors to have the court summoned in the gardens. They bow to you and quietly leave with the new documents in hand. About ten minutes later you hear the noise of the court assembling.
''Mother? I want you to follow me to the gardens now. Oh and do so on all fours.'' Tears form in the corner of her eyes and fall along her cheeks at the thought of the great humiliation that is to come. She doesn't know exactly what it is you have in mind, but she knows that it will be the worst humiliation you have inflicted upon her yet. ''You there, don't just stand there! Follow us, I have a job for you." The young servant nods and follow your naked mother. His pants are stretched to their limit by his imposibly obvious erection. The boy probably never even saw a naked woman before, and clearly not one as attractive as the queen. The three of you walk to the center of the garden where a stone stage is erected for performers when you have parties there. You have your mother climb up first followed by the servant boy and then yourself.

You walk to the middle of the stage and raise your arms, calling for silence. "Family, friends and servants, I have summoned you all here today to explain to you the new laws that are to be taking effect right now." You explain as clearly as possible the new laws that will apply to your subjects and watch their incredulous faces wonder if it is all real. The women look like they don't want to believe it and most of the men can barely believe their luck. "I can see that most of you don't believe me, or hope I am joking. So to prove it to you and demonstrate the way things will work from now on, we have the Queen, my dear mother, here with us. Please stand up and salute the court my Queen." Your mother stands up and half-heartedly waves to the assembly in a clear show of shame. "Good, now get down on all fours again." She complies, happy to hide her face. "Now suck the poor boy and put all your talent into it." She crawls toward him, and as she does he strips himself naked. You gueesed he was well endowed but not that much. His throbing dick must be about 12 inches long and 2 1/2 inches thick. When the Queen's mouth touches it, the boy twiches in anticipation. As she begins blowing him you kneel behind her and pull out your own throbing royal cock. You rub it against her brown star, smearing it with precum for a minute or two before applying pressure. Your mother screams on the boy's huge cock when she feels the pain of your large cock ripping her ass apart. It doesn't take long for the servant boy to cum down the queen's throat. He shot a river of hot, bubbling baby goo in her mouth. He shot so much and so fast that she couldn't swallow most of it, so it bursted out of her mouth covering her chin and some of her glorious 32Ks in a mix of young cum and saliva. When she was about to release his cum-spweing manhood you pushed yourself completely in her bowels and reached the back of her head, pushing her face in his pubic hairs. "No Queen Evelyn, you are not to stop sucking his monster dick, I want him constantly aroused so he stays hard." She gags hard and coughs on it, the boy can't believe how good her convulsing throat feels. The feeling keeps him hard as steel. You kept on pounding into your mother's tight ass until you feel yourself close to coming. At that point you pull out and walks around her. "Alright boy, let's switch. Now you take her rear so I can get myself cleaned." Without even adressing your mother a single word you shove your dirtied meat down her throat and fuck her face mercilessly. When the boy slams his rock-hard fuck pole into the queen's asshole you feel her whail in pain around your cock. After seconds only of rough fucking the boy cums down her bowels and withdraws, spent. With him sitting back you pull out of her throat and go back behind her to plunge your rigid hose in her drooling cunt. You fuck it hard and empty yourself in her womb.
After pulling out of her snatch you stand up, sweating and panting. "This little show we gave you clearly showed you the new order of things here I hope. Now Mother, you can crawl back to my chamber and wait for me in bed. You deserve a rest." Your thoroughly abused mother slowly heads to your chambers, under the horrified or lustful eyes of everyone in the castle.


How do your sisters react?




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