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A College Girl To Be... | brevdravis | 8


couldn't wait to get into Sarah's firm young quim. He positioned himself behind her, admiring Miss Norris's face as she moaned. Sarah continued to eat the pussy in front of her and hummed contentedly as raised up her skirt and rubbed his massive cock against her pussy-lips. She rubbed her ass back against him, aching to have him inside her.

With a smile, Mr. found the entrance to her body, and slid his cock into the sopping hole. Her pussy gripped him magnificently, and he groaned in pleasure as he drove himself into her folds.

Despite her earlier hesistation, Sarah had become fully aroused, and began to enjoy the taste of Miss Norris's twat. The moisture coated her tounge as the teacher ground her pussy into Sarah's face. Sarah bumped her face against the pussy, in time with the thrusts from Mr. 's cock inside her. The combined sensations of eating pussy and getting fucked quickly brought her near the edge.

Sarah groaned, feeling Miss Norris gush against her face, the teacher's hands on her head. Mr. was even more aggressive, breathing heavily he was pounding his cock deeper and deeper.

"Don't forget," Miss Norris cautioned Mr. , "you have to fuck me too, or no deal."

Mr. grinned back at Miss Norris, continuing to pound Sarah's tight little pussy. He pushed deep inside her once more, triggering Sarah's orgasm. She wiggled her hips, trying to gain every possible flavor of the sensation. Her pussy clamped onto Mr. 's cock, bringing him close. With a sigh of regret, he pulled his cock free, mere moments before he came.

"Looks like it's your turn," he addressed Miss Norris, gesturing at his cock. Sarah looked on jealously, but secretly she wanted to see that big cock plunging into her history teacher.


How does Miss Norris take it?

          Miss Norris is a traditionalist


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