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Ancient Royal Incest | Erandil | 11


Looking at the Queen struggle to make sure not to throw up the cum she just swallowed and trying to catch her breath, you remember the five cute servants that you left in the baths. You wonder if they are still naked and maybe pleasuring each other, which brings you to wonder who might be having sex right now in this castle. "There would be just one last thing." Just as your advisors look at you, curious to hear what new perverted idea you have, your mother crawls on all fours under your desk. You feel her fishing out your big cock and wrapping her wet mouth around it. "Why not write a law that would force all women in the castle to be mostly naked? We fire the staff that is just too old or too ugly and replace them by young, pretty girls. That way we'll have eye candies as far as the eye can see." The two men look highly interrested by that idea and agree to it immediately. "Oh, and we'll have them shaved just like the Queen at all times."

Your laws are all written down while your royal mother sucks you like a good professional slut and by the time you are applying the royal seal on the last document you erupt too in her throat. She swallows it all, gags a little on it, but doesn't spill a single drop. You pet her head and put your seal on the last document. Now your kingdom can look up to a new age of perverse pleasures and sex all around.

Just when you are about to dismiss everyone you remember that you were supposed to punish your mother earlier, now would be the time.


What kind of punishment do you have in mind? Public or not? Pain or shame?

          Very public


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