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Ancient Royal Incest | Erandil | 10


"The next law I law I want to make is quite simple and should have everyone's approval. Let's allow polygamy. If someone doesn't want to use his right to it, then he doesn't. As simple as that." "Yes that should be fairly easy to do." You notice that the war advisor as grabbed your mother's head and is now viciously fucking her face. She is gaging, coughing and spitting around his cock as he goes. "Well, dear Cormac, you sure seem to have a grudge against the Queen... I mean the way you abuse her!" "I hope your Majesty doesn't mind me doing this. It's just so fullfiling to rough up the one woman who so often thwarted me when I thought war was necessary." You smile, now you know why your country has been at peace for so long. "Quite the contrary General! I find the sight very amusing and arousing as well."

"Alright, I had an other idea to submit, and this one concerns our upcoming wars." The general looks up to you, focusing his attention to your words while keeping up his mad face fucking on the Queen Mother. "It's rather simple and separated in two parts. First, every country that loses a war against us, will have to provide us with every females from their royal family as well as every women of some nobility. From that point, we will do as we want with them. Second the second part is this: If they surrender our officers, me included, will take the women present in their King's castle and will abuse them in a grand orgy. Depending on the number of females we will also send some to the army for their pleasure." "That too should be simple enough. No one will protest against it, so consider it already done." With these images swirling around in your war advisor's mind he shoots his load soon enough, burying himself as deep as he possibly can in your mother's throat. This time she has no choice but to swallow the flow of thick cum.


Anything else or do you enjoy the Queen while your political advisor officialise these new laws?

          Just one last thing...


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