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Ancient Royal Incest | Erandil | 9


Your political advisor and war advisor come in followed by the boy bearing the quill, the ink and the papers. The boy glances feverishly at the queen, obviously horny as hell and uncomftable, but he diligently brings you what you required and stood aside in a corner of the large room in case you need anything. Your advisors though are quite shocked and surprised at the sight of the queen, naked, silently crying, with a light shean of perspiration and a glistening cunt, standing there as if she was a common servant or the lowest of whores. They used to see her as a strong, proud women who were very proud and noble. Now that image is clearly gone, earased from their minds as they see for the first time the new personality you "offered" your mother.

"Gentlemen, thank you for coming to assist me so quickly. I didn't want our dear Queen to get too comfortable, and now that you're here she must be unbelievebly ashamed to be seen as she truly is by two of the most respected advisors in this kingdom." They both look hungrily to your naked mother as you say that. "I have a couple new laws in mind conserning the female condition and I want you two to assist me so they will be made in accordance to the tradition." You gesture at them to sit down in front of your large ornated desk. "Now, my Queen, I want you to pleasure us as we work. We'll need to relieve the pressure as we work." The queen is taken aback by your order, but she knows that disobeying would only encourage you to shame her even more. She doesn't ask the advisors what they would like and immediately kneel in front of the political advisor. She reaches out, with trembling hands, to his trousers and unbuckle them to fish out his limp cock. She hesitates a moment before closing her watery eyes and opening her mouth, swiftly swalling his soft prick in her lovely mouth. She wastes no time before starting to get to work, sucking the member in her mouth fast and hard. She clearly hopes to get it over with as soon as possible.

"Good, now we can start. What I intend to do is to proclaim some new laws concerning women only. First of all I want the King to have a right over all and every female in the land. I don't care if she is married, or engaged, or a virgin, or a nun. I don't care about her titles, blood or status. Every single women in this kingdom has to belong to me first and foremost. That is the essence of my first law." As you pause to let the men absorb this idea, your political advisor suddenly grabs the back of your mother's head and holds her in place. His eyes go to the richly decorated ceiling as he cums in the queen's royal mouth with surprising vigor. Once he is done your mother pulls her mouth away from him in disgust and spits the sperm on the floor. "Oh no! No, no, no. That won't do dear Mother. I won't have the royal whore spit the juices that were fed to her! You will have to lick it all and swallow all of it. Then after your task is done you will come to me for your punishment." Your advisors are clearly baffled by your actions toward your own mother, but also greatly pleased. "Your Majesty, I believe there will be some reluctance to this new legislation from the nobility. Most won't be pleased to know that their wives, mothers and daughters are now your personal properties." "Don't worry, we can include that they will aslo have the same rights over our country's women; only, as the king, I will have prevalence over them." "Yes, that way we should be able to convince most of them. Now what did you have in mind for your next laws?" On that question the queen takes the war advisor in her mouth and starts bobing her head rapidly with great fervor.


What new laws will you write?

          Something about Polygamy and War


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