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Ancient Royal Incest | Erandil | 7


You turn around and face the five servant girls. They look shocked, terrified and embarassed. Some of them seem to feel shame and fear for their mistress. "You, go fetch a sharp razor now." The girl you pointed at turns around and ran out of the baths. "You two, spread her legs and hold them firmly. The Queen is not to be allowed to move her legs." The two servants execute your order reluctantly and with great pity for their beloved Queen. Your mother flinches again when she feels the two servants pull on her calves, spreading her wide. She is still crying silently as she endures being handled like an animal. She covers her nudity with her hands quickly. "Both of you, hold her arms behind her back." The last two girls walk hesitantly to the Queen and do as told. "Good, push her arms in her back. It'll force her to push out her breasts." One of the servants begins to cry as she obeys.

The first girl comes back with a freshly sharpened razor and holds it out to you, her hands trembling. "Keep it. Now go and shave her hairs. All of it, except for the ones on her head and her eyebrows." The servant is too shocked by your demand to react. She just stares at you with wide eyes. "Obey me now, you stupid girl! Or do you want to be made a whore yourself!?" Shocked out of her stupor, the servant walks to your mother and, with her head low, she kneels in front of her and begins her task with tears slidding slowly down her face. After a while Queen Evelyn is completely shaved, just as hairless as the day she was born. Her blond pussy mound is now smooth and bald, look ing even mor einviting now that you see her outer lips clearly. Watching her closely you notice that your mother is now wet. The light of the sun coming from the door behind you, hits her cunt reflecting off her wetness. After a moment of admiring your naked mother's body, you raise your eyes to her face. "You'll make a fine wife, my Queen, and an even finer whore." She sobs lightly at your words. "Now girls strip naked and hold her down on her back." They don't seem very surprised at your order and obey clamly but grimly. As they strip off their dresses, you strip naked yourself and begin stroking your royal cock slowly. Soon enough you gaze at five naked young girls helping your mother to the ground. Once she got on her back four of the girls took firm hold of her hands and feet, pinning her to the ground and forcing her to take a spread eagle pose. The last servant was left standing alone, unsure as to what to do. "You, hold her head so she is forced to look at her king plunging into her." The servant kneel at the Queen's head and lifts it as you asked.

You kneel between your mother's thighs and look at her triumphantly. "Now, dear Queen Evelyn, let's give you an other chance to bear my child." With those words you plunge your dick between her red, blood engorged, cunt lips with a deliberate slowness. You revel in every second of it. When you bury yourself completely in her velvet folds you pause a moment. You order the two girls holding her hands to let go and start massaging her large, very ample breasts. They do without hesitation and then you begin pumping in and out. The two servants seem to very used to their task and force a comsiderable amount of pleasure on the Queen Mother. Aroused by their expert tit fondling, your mother begins to enjoy herself greatly; making her more receptive to your rythmic fucking. Your large cock seem to be bringing her more and more pleasure with each strong thrust. Before you could even cum, she begins writhing beneath you. Her whole body shudders and sakes as he low pitched moan escapes her mouth. You keep up the pace and when she calms down from her orgasm you get rougher. "What a cheap whore you must be, Mother, to cum before your king! Had I known, I would have thrown you to the servants for your birthday instead of buying your that stupid necklace." Your teasing seems to hurt her deeply, but she can't stop herself from responding to your every move; moving her hips as much as she can being held down, caressing the girls hands on her very big if slightly sagging boobs and squeezing your cock in her loins. You finally reach your limit and unload a vastly abundant load of fresh, fertile, incestuous sperm as deep as possible in her warm, inviting cunt. Evelyn squealed when she felt the searing heat of your cum bathing her womb.


Do you push her humiliation further, or purse other goals?

          Both at the same time.


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