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Ancient Royal Incest | Erandil | 6


As you enter the baths, you see your mother being dressed and perfumed by a group of servant girls. Walking confidently you clear your throat loudly. "Good day to you my Queen. I am sorry to disturb you but you have more duties to fulfill." You grin wickedly as you say that. "I am sorry your Highness, but it will have to wait. As Queen I have many duties to attend to, as well as more urgent ones." "Would you dare disobey a direct, official order by your king? And in front of witnesses who swore allegiance to me first and foremost?" The servants look at each other wondering what you are talking about until one of them sees the grim, angered and yet submitted expression on your mother's face. "No... you are right, of course." The girl's eyes widen in surprise and astonishment. They quickly begin to whisper to each other in shock at what they think you mean. "Girls, leave the King and I alone please." The Queen mother sounds strict and cold when she says that, so the servants obey immediately. They shut up and start toward the door. You stop them with a motion. "There is no need for them to leave us. They might even come in handy." Your mother seems insulted and infuriated at you decision and orders her servant girls to leave again. "Stop this foolishness right this instant, my Queen. You brought this upon yourself. This is what you get with your disobedience." She clearly wants to protest again, she wonders how to salvage as much dignity as possible. "I am sorry, my liege, I am tired and my head is still clouded by the vapors of my bath. I did not intend to challenge your authority. I am sure you understand." Your mother bows her head in submission, with a cold, less than half-hearted smile. "Yes mother, I understand very well that you hope to hide the truth to everyone. That you see it as losing your dignity and therefore that you deem me unworthy, lower than yourself." The servants follow the conversation with the greatest interest. "You hope to keep some of your dignity by sending the servants away. Which is precisely why they have to stay right here and witness it all. You have no more right to dignity now that you have defied me!"

You quickly walk up to her and angrily grab her flimsy dress and rip it open with a strong yank. The soft fabric is ripped down to her ribs, you yank at it again and shred it down to her thighs, exposing her large breasts and hairy mound. She stands still and flinches with each pull. Tears start to trickle down her face. You take her dress' straps and violently take her dress off her shoulders, letting it fall to her feet on the moist stone floor.


What do you do to her now and what about the servant girls?

          Have her shaved


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