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Ancient Royal Incest | Erandil | 5


You go to get something to eat, tend to the kingdom's business and then you surprise yourself thinking about fucking your mother again. You imagine turning her into a whore. You can see her again, lying on the garden's groud, spread wide, with her gaping cunt and your cum dripping out. She really did look like a whore and you can't help to imagine her fucking other men at your command. You sign a few bill and apply your seal on some official documents and quickly head off to find her again.
You look for her in the garden first but she isn't there anymore. Just in front of the bush she was tending earlier is a dark stain in the fine dirt and you can see the imprint of what could be a naked body. You smile to yourself as you visualize your mother with dirt in her hair an some stuck to her back and her big round lovely ass. She must have looked even more like a whore when she got back up and put her dress back on. You wish you had seen that. You head off to the baths since she must have went there to wash off the dirt and sperm.


Do you find your mother there or someone else, or maybe she is somewhere else?

          She is about to leave

          Princess Anna


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