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A Family Of Three | Bran_Hopewell | 4


"Clint! Oh fuck, it's about fucking time!" she said and started fucking back, her incredibly wet pussy bucking against your hardon as you slammed your hips into her again and again. "I've been practically throwing you....for...oh fuck...." she panted. You could feel her fingers working her clit hard and fast and her pussy started quivering around your meat. It was rapidly becoming too much for you, her cunt fit you like a glove and you could feel your balls aching to cum as you're living the life you've only dreamed of; fucking your mother and your sister.

"Oh fuck, baby!" your mother squeeled as her knees started trembling and her pussy started milking your cock. "Fill me up! Give me your seed! OH FUCK!" she practically screamed.

Your mutual wish, her command, and the fact that you're fucking your mom outside in the back hatch of the SUV put you over the edge. You'd have probably pumped half a pint of cum into her incestuous snatch had you not just fucked your sister, but as it was, you only dumped five thick shots into her. She stood up, her body trembling, your cock still inside her and just started purring. Your hands moved up and down her body and you discover she also seems to be missing a bra under that silk shirt.

"Okay,'s the deal..."


What are mom's conditions?

          A Deal with Mom


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