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"In space no one can hear you breed" | Bran_Hopewell | 4


With a deep sigh, the facts start rolling through your mind and you come to the utter realization that she's right. After all, you swore an oath to make sure the mission continues at all costs. All of you were supposed to be serving as judge and jury, and...and...well, let's face it, your sister's hot.

You'd considered the prospect before; people had always told you what an amazing piece of ass is, but she's your sister, and to you she'd always been the little blonde in pig-tails running around and pointing things out thirteen times and mispronouncing words.

Looking at her now, you realize that she's a voluptuously figured woman; tall, stacked, small waist, flaring hips, her body practically glowing with the vibrance of youth.

You hop out of your bed and feel the cool material of the deck under your feet and it makes you want to jump right back into bed. You look your sister in the eyes and say quite plainly, ", you killed those people. You committed an act of sabotage that caused the intentional and systematic demise of 548 colonists. You have just become the greatest mass murder in all of history. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I um...just...wanted...." she said her voice trailing off as she seemed to get very small and was staring at her bare feet. You followed her gaze and your eyes paused at her very full breasts, slender waist, and curvy hips.

"Just wanted....what?"

"I just wanted you to love me," she replied and ran off, her rising sobs echoing off the bulkheads in your stasis bed chamber.

"!" you shout after her and start chasing her down, but your body is still trying to shake off the stasis sleep.


Were you too hard on her?

          You try to apologize


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