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A Family Of Three | Bran_Hopewell | 4


You would have warned her had she not actually gotten your head down her throat. You didn't feel her gag or anything as it slid past her tonsils, but the sounds she made as she tried to swallow your precum and her saliva were too much and your already building orgasm hit you so hard your knees went weak and you almost blacked out as she sucked hard, trying to pull your cock down into her stomach.

Needless to say your cum poured into her throat once it started blasting from your cock. As your dick swelled and throbbed with each blast, your mother moaned, almost laughing as you filled her gullet. She slowly pulled your dick out as it was continuing to cum, the last of your shots painting the back of her tongue and flooding over her teeth.

Your spit and cum soaked cock was released from her lips with a wet pop. It glistened as it throbbed and slowly wilted. There was a moment of silence that was broken by your mother moaning like a whore and making a show of swallowing the final blasts of cum. She rubbed her tits and stretched and you could just imagine it going down to her stomach, white-washing her esophagus the entire way down. After a minute with her eyes closed, she licked her lips and patted her belly.

"Mmmm....right where it belongs," your mother said rubbing her stomach through her shirt. "Now," she said and closed the distance between the two of you. "This can continue provided that Aimee never finds out. And I mean never, do you get me, Mister?"

"Uh yeah, I think I can handle that," you say, your mind still fogged with lust and aftershocks from your orgasm and your vision still not back to normal.

"And in case your wondering, you got that for the same reason you can imagine...since your father left, you're the only swinging dick around, and don't think I haven't noticed."

"Well don't think I haven't noticed you," you say. Your mother smiles, biting her lower lip before responding.

"Why do you think I've been dressing the way that I have? That swelling cock was proof enough that you'd seen me; to be honest, it makes me all wet to think that this old body ..." she said, running her hands up and down her sides, swirling them over her silk blouse, pulling it out of her skirt. "...gets a young man so hot and bothered. The fact that it makes my own son want to fuck it is such a turn on. I know it's wrong, but I don't think either one of us is going to complain..."

"Fuck. No." you say clearly and slowly.

"Good," your mom replied, still stroking your shaft. She tucked you back into your pants and snapped the waist band into place. "Then let's never stop. But let's not be stupid about it either."

"No ma'am," you replied as she zipped your pants for you.

"Good," she said and wiped her fingers along her pussy. "Then never tell your sister or we're done," she said and put three fingers, almost dripping with pussy juice, against your lips and she wiped her essence on them. "Clean that cum off your mouth and go help your sister with her bag."


Do you tell Aimee?

          Yes, But Not Voluntarily


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