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A Family Of Three | Bran_Hopewell | 3


You're still staring at your mother's clean shaven snatch when she turns around.

"Just what are you looking at, young man?" she said, putting her hands on her hips and widening her stance, the motion making the skirt ride up in the front as well. Her dusty pink lips were on display and the hint of a sheen of moisture glistened in the sunlight before you managed to pull your eyes up to her face. She was wearing a mask of anger, but her eyes were twinkling with that same look your sister's got when she was in the mood for something naughty.

"Sorry, Mom," you forced out, even though it was a lie. "I just couldn't help but notice how short your skirt is..." you say, regaining your focus. You'd been dreaming about fucking your mom for years but your sister usually took care of your needs. Maybe today would be different. Maybe today would change everything.

"I don't think you're sorry at all," your mother said, closing the distance. Her hand was on your cock in a flash and she was stroking your through your pants. "Not one fucking bit," she said, her nails dragging up and down its length.

"I think you're right," you say, your hands cupping her massive chest through the blue silk top she was wearing. You could feel the texture of her favorite Vicky's bra under the silk and even through the thick cup material you could feel her thick nipples standing at attention.

"Don't tell your sister," she said, her voice husky with lust. Immediately she unzipped your fly, fished out your cock and popped it into her mouth, all before her knees hit the gravel behind the SUV.

Aimee was an amazing cock sucker. But your mom was doing things with her tongue that made Aimee look like a fumbling cheerleader giving her first blow job. Even after just dumping a load down your sister's throat you could feel the cum roiling in your balls, aching to come out.


Warn your mother?

          Well, you would have....


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