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"I Can't Believe I Lost THAT!" | Anarchy4all | 1


As Adam steps off the school bus, he notices something feels different about him, but he can't place the feeling. Once off, he eyes himself up and down as best he can without a mirror, finding nothing on him. He walks towards his house and realizes after a few steps something is very wrong. He stops to think about it, and still sees there's nothing wrong, so starts walking again, only to have the feeling come over him again. He goes back to thinking, this time walking since that's the only time he gets this feeling and compares this walk home to the walk he made to the bus stop this morning. He pauses, thinking he might know what's wrong, despite the fact that he keeps telling himself it's impossible. He pats down what he thinks is the problem area, and realizes that, somehow, the impossible happened. He thinks back, and remembers he felt fine getting on the bus, so, "SHIT!" he exclaims, "IT'S STILL ON THE BUS!"

Meanwhile, back on the bus, Veronica, who was sitting just behind Adam, is still waiting for the bus to get to her stop and take her mind off the long bus ride. It's not that she didn't have anyone to talk to, it's just she didn't really strike up a conversation too much herself, and only her friends, who don't go to the same school as her anymore, strike up a conversation with her. Veronica was, in the public's eye, just too ordinary. She was smart, smarter than plenty of people, but that was her only extraordinary feature. She always kept her red hair shoulder length and the bangs out of her eyes with a white headband. She never dressed provocatively, she always wore loose clothes, to hide her 34A-cup breasts and almost non-developed hips from the boys, feeling shy about the fact she always had to think, 'I'm just a late bloomer.' Today, she wore a black T-shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of sneakers. With nothing else and not wanting anyone but her closest friends at the present, she just tries to think about this and that until the bus gets her home.

Veronica's thoughts, however, are interrupted by the feeling of something hitting against her shoe. She looks down and sees something really weird rolling along the floor of the bus. Very curious about exactly what she's found, she picks it up and notices it has a fleshy feel to it, like skin or something alive. "Eww!" she mumbled, realizing whatever she's holding might be dead, but she dismissed this idea when she noticed it was warm. Looking closely, she swears she's seen this thin thing somewhere once before, but can't place where. She presses down on the soft, squishy stick-like thing and sees something pop out of a little tear at one end, something that kind of looked like a..."Whoa!" Veronica gasped, finally realizing what she had in her hand. She wraps her hand around it and puts her hand down by her side towards the window, praying nobody would find out what she was carrying.

'Okay,' Veronica thinks, 'who would have the balls to bring a dildo on a bus? And while I'm asking questions, why is this small, most dildos are longer than the average dick? This is only three inches. And doesn't a dildo have to be hard for someone to feel it? This thing's really soft, almost like a sponge, but smooth. And finally, who made it and out of what?' Her questions will remain unanswered, for a while at least, as the bus has come to her stop. She grabs her bag and stands up, but remembers she's still carrying the soft toy in her hand, someone else's soft toy.


Does she take it with her? Or does she leave it on the bus?

          Take it


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