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"In space no one can hear you breed" | Bran_Hopewell | 4


As you slowly return to consciousness, still shaking the cryo-sleep from your head, you come to the realization that you're not alone. Your tube is opened and you feel a tugging at your groin. You look down and you see the head of a curly haired brunette bobbing up and down on your cock. Immediately you recognize the hair as belonging to Mary, your fiancee, but..wasn't she in bed 7? Didn't the computer already say that tube had malfunctioned? Answers escape your mind as Mary keeps working your groin tenderly slow as if she's trying to revive you from your unconsciousness.

Still, the blow job to wake up from the long sleep was more than welcome, and you can feel the cobwebs shaking off your balls in a hurry as the warmth of her slobber begins to run down them. The sound of the computer continuing to call out more malfunctioning tubes keeps droning on, but you can't concentrate on it as the intensity of Mary's blowjob picks up a notch and you feel the knob of your cock slip down her throat. She gags for a second, the sensation sending shivers down your spine and brining you the rest of the way out of your deep sleep.

"Holy fuck, Mary" you moan as she keeps pushing your cock down her throat. It isn't long until you feel her nose in your pubes and her chin on your balls. Then she started bobbing, the sound echoing through the quiet cabin.

"Jesus, Mar...someone's going to," you barely manage to say. A hand joins her mouth on your dick and the spit soaked rod gets stroked at the speed of light. It isn't long until the sound and feel of her sucking mouth and rapidly stroking hand are the only thing you feel as your back arches and you feel electricity course through your body, your toes curling, your mind decending into a lust filled fog. Her lips pop up off your cock and she keeps jerking, feeling your impending orgasm as you pass the point of no return.

"Don't worry about that, ," she says, her chin getting coated in little flecks of saliva and pre-cum flying from your dick. You look down and into the eyes of , your sister. Her eyes were dancing and sparkling, her lips twisted into a wicked smile as her hand kept

"Holy fuck! !!" you shout in surprise. Thoughts of horror and unbridled lust go through your mind as she starts to laugh. You feel mortified at the fact that your sister is giving you the best blow job that you've ever had and she's doing it more than willingly. You feel your cock throb as her hand is a blur and she laughs even harder as you blow blast after blast of cum onto her face; 50 years of wet dreams unleashing a torrent of goo on her chin, her cheeks, even on her glasses as you paint her face. You can't help but shout, "!" as you unload, feeling your body drain and the biggest load of your life erupting all over your sister's face. Just after your orgasm, you feel your mind slide back into unconsciousness and thoughts of what just happened fill your mind...




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