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A Marriage in Trouble | ponyboy | 13


About an hour later Joanne got up and went to the kitchen and started making breakfast. A few minutes later Mike walked up behind her.
Joanne felt his arms reach around her and cup her breasts, she felt him kiss her neck and his limp cock press against her bum.
Joanne put the knife down and turned to face him. They were soon kiising each other on the lips while Joaane stroked his cock back to life. Joanne felt Mike's thumb she could feel his fingers rub back and forth across her spinter as his thumb goes in and out of her pussy.
Mike was having a little problem getting hard. So he grabbed a ladle and used the handle to fuck Joanne's pussy.
Joanne felt week at the knees as an orgasm hit. Mike helped her stay on her feet and helped her sit on the kitchen table. Then he sank to his knees and started licking her pussy.


Can Mike get hard again?


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