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7 Little College Girls | kendahl6969 | 7


A couple hours later, the halls of Dykesbeck House were deathly quiet. Samantha and Erica crept down two flights of stairs to find their prize lightly snoring in the overstuffed armchair.

"I don't care what Anita says, I think she'd be much more comfortable in our bed," Sam softly informed her twin. Erica smiled and nodded in agreement. The girls' identical white babydoll pyjama's fur trim swished around their wide hips and tickled the tops of their full breasts as they split up, one on each side of the sleeping American transfer student.

Sam slung Cathy's limp left arm over her back as Eric did the same on the blonde's right side. Together, they lifted the busty blonde out of the armchair and manoeuvred their precious, if unconscious cargo up the two flights of heavy wooden stairs. They were glad to see that Cathy was so drunk that even their trip to the second floor bedroom they now shared wasn't waking her.

Cathy was gently laid in the middle of the beds the twins had pushed together in the center of the room. She gurgled incoherently as Erica undid her sneakers and pulled off her socks. Sam undid Cathy's tight denim miniskirt and pulled it off the American's firm, lush thighs. This left the transfer student in her white cotton tee shirt and plain white cotton panties.

Each sister slowly lapped up the blonde's spread legs, Sam licking at her left leg, Eric the right. Each sister watched the other as their tongues' work sent involuntary ripples through Cathy's body.

When they reached the tight cotton trappings of Cathy's panties, Sam grabbed her Swiss Army knife from her backpack and used the sharp blade to slice easily through the swath of cotton at Cathy's left hip. Erica yanked the ruined panties from the blonde's body.

As each red-tressed sister hugged a thigh of the blonde, they each took turns lapping at Cathy's now exposed pussy. Each sister tried to outdo the other. Erica dove her nose deep into the girl's quim, darting her tongue deep into the pink folds. Sam took her turn, yanking on the ragged lips of the sleeping girl's pussy. Cathy continued to writhe in response to the girls' oral attacks. Before they left the blonde's wide hips, Sam grabbed a tube of lipstick and left Cathy a little message. Erica followed suit.

They continued their upward journey with their lapping tongues, dipping into the coed's dimple of a navel before proceeding up Cathy's ribcage to the real prize.

Samantha brought her trusty knife up to the neck of Cathy's tight tee and slit it down the middle. Ripping the useless rag from Cathy's prone body, Sam began to suckle the American's large natural boob. Eric did likewise, continuing to watch her sister from the other side of Cathy's chest. They both began to give lovebites to Cathy's delicate flesh. Erica watched with wide eyes as Sam teased the sleeping girl's nipple with the knife tip. The pink flesh began to rise from the pad of the aureole as Sam continued to tease it. Eventually, the still exhausted twins fell asleep suckling on the American's impressive breasts.

Minutes later, Anita entered the twins' room. The Indian had picked a black lace teddy that hugged her lithe curves to fulfil her fantasy of having the twins on either side of her.

The raven-haired coed was shocked, and a little hurt, to find they had chosen Cathy to be between them instead of her. But she would show them that she could be every bit as good.

Slowly, deliberately, she pulled Cathy's still comatose form off the bed by her feet. To keep from being interrupted, she dragged the blonde outside the door, studying the graffiti at her crotch and the hickeys developing on Cathy's breasts.

Locking the door, the Indian dove between the red-haired bookends on the doubled up bed. The twins' hands caressed her in their sleep as they felt her movement.


Has the nightprowling ended? What happens come the morn?

          The nightprowling continues.

          The morn brings the twins a surprise.


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