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7 Little College Girls | kendahl6969 | 5


Sam noticed a hand timidly waving above and behind the coeds surrounding her. "Really, Jo?" asked the redhead.

Jo's new classmates parted to let the visually impaired brunette pass, somewhat stunned that the girl volunteered.

Samantha approached Jo, taking her hand, leading her to the pile of bath towels that had provided the bed for the redheaded sisters' forbidden coitus. Sam lifted the charcoal grey knifepleats of what was actually the dress uniform skirt for the college. A thick mossy thatch of brown curls was revealed for all to see.

"Quite the bush, Jo," Erica commented, seemingly always at her twin's side. She grazed her fingers through the dark pelt.

Jo flushed at the touch. "Well, it's hard for a blind girl to shave herself there. And I hate to ask someooo.." One of Erica's finger's found her still wet slit, causing Jo to let out a slight whoop.

"Hmm, easier to dress with no undies, I guess!" Erica remarked as she pulled the crisp cotton blouse's collar open, discovering no bra as well as no panties. She flicked the brunette's erect nipple through the cotton as her hand retreated.

As Sam helped Jo lower her butt to the pushed up mound of bath towels on the floor, Erica helped lower her back to the floor. Erica just took notice of the university crest on her left upper chest. "This the uniform we had the option of taking?"

"Er, yes," answered Jo as she was placed on the towels, her pert butt about a foot higher than her head. "I thought it would be easiest to dress with a closetful of the same thing."

As Sam flipped up the miniskirt to give herself some work room, she saw the waistband had been rolled under a few times. "Looks like you shortened the skirt a bit, though," the redhead added slyly. Jo just blushed deeper.

"So do you want a little off the top?" Sam snickered, clipping the thick bush with a small scissors.

"No. Shave it smooth as a baby's arse!" Erica interrupted.

"Well, Jo?"

"Shave.. shave it all off."

"Good choice, Jo. It will be easy to touch up that way!" Sam teased.

Jo was propped up in Eric's lap, the redheaded twin gently fondling the blind girl's boobs through the blouse. "Relax, Jo. It won't hurt a bit."

Erica gave Jo a play by play as Sam sprayed the shaving cream over the brunette's crotch and proceeded to take the Lady Bic to the frothy mess.

The remaining four coeds couldn't believe watching someone getting shaved could be so erotic. Erica's breathy commentary didn't help matters. Suki returned Anita's earlier favor by using the discarded dildo on the East Indian's pussyhole, rubbing the shaft against the girl's pierced hood. The Japanese exchange student rubbed her own pussy through her now pulled up black tights. Allison tried to hide the fact she was frigging herself by standing away from the others. Cathy was too horny to care who watched. She lifted her worn denim mini and stuck her hand in her cotton panties.

Samantha completed her project, using one of the bath towels to wipe off the dregs of pubes and shaving cream. The skin above the split peach of Jo's pussy shone like silk. She took Jo's hand and placed it on her bald snatch.

"Go ahead, Jo. Take your new, sleek pussy for a test drive. No one will think the less of you for it," Sam encouraged, glancing around at the other busy coeds. "You'll find it's even more sensitive than before. Trust me." Sam took her hand to her own bald kitty.

In a lusty state from Sam's ministrations down there, Jo took Sam's advice. Her feminine digits worked their way into the fleshy folds of her eggshell-slick pussymound. She pumped her hand furiously in her attempt to bring herself off quickly.

Watching Jo, as well as the others getting off, just made Eric crazy. "I can't stand it no more!" gushed the girl, leaning down to forcefully french the spasming blind girl heavily on the mouth.

Minutes later, the college coeds satiated, the twins helped Jo to her feet, the brunette's pretty legs still shaky. "I guess it's time we returned to the common room," said Sam. All the girls silently assented, a little embarrassed, now that their libidos had calmed and the effects of the alcohol was beginning to wear off.


What happens when they return?

          Cathy wants to talk.


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