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"A Life" As A Phantom Thief | Anarchy4all | 14


Over the course of the next week, Mike pulls out blueprints, reorganizes your house to make it a training ground, share some pizzas, have a few meetings with Cynthia, and you go through movement and vocal training. Although you continue rehearsing all week, you get the supplies ready before day one is over, the moves down by day two, and perfect your vocal changing by day five, you just keep rehearsing so you don't get even slightly rusty. On day one, you sent the warning notices to the police, and as you turn on the news, the media is having a field day with 's promise to steal the "Templars," probably because they just found out about it, and his previous heist of the Emerald Wendigo. Fortunately for you, the media is so wrapped up in the local event that they have yet to say a word about "Blood Tear."

"Alright," you say, "day of days. We need to start by getting you in costume."

Mike swallows hard and asks nervously, "Are you sure I should do this? You're the field man, I just do the research."

"Mike, you're always comparing me to Lupin, so let me ask you something. How did Lupin pull off that heist in 'Arsène Lupin in Prison'?"

"He used three friends, had them dress up as officers, and they did the work for him."

"Exactly. Now, if my tricks are based on Lupin's, I devoted my adult life to becoming him, and you keep comparing me to him, I can't become better than Lupin. So, why should I have a partner who only sits on his ass? Besides, I have to run on skill alone tonight, your disguises will have technology helping you, I'm the one who should be worried."

"But what if we get caught or betrayed?"

"Well, we go to jail, I try and get the inmates to learn I'm not gay and not willing to experiment, and you get surrounded by tits and pussies while trying to figure out why the courts thought you were a woman, but not bitching about it in the least."

Mike does his signature patronizing laugh before saying, "Alright, get me ready."

With the conversation over, you put Mike in your black "Fullmetal Alchemist" T-shirt, some black jeans, and your shoes. To complete the look, you place on the rubber mask you made that looks exactly like your face. Once you signal you're done, Mike turns to the mirror and says, "Damn, this could work."

"Now, just remember, the rubber mask goes on over the mask, the fake license plate and rubber mask have to be put on away from the house and away from security cameras but before you meet Cynthia, talk like me, no patronizing laugh, and don't get an erection around Cynthia. I know the last one's going to be tough, but if you do she'll know that's not me playing ."

"You don't have to nag me, I know what to do."

"Now you know what I go through from you before I do anything."

As Mike gets ready to play his role in tonight's performance, you head out to do your part. You walk out of your house, wearing a simple white T-shirt and blue jeans, with a backpack and a baseball cap covering your face. Once your certain nobody's seen you, you slide into an alley and change clothes, into a typical business suit and tie, a pair of gloves, and put on a rubber mask that resembles the face of the bouncer from "Udder Delight" if he wasn't jacked and had a scar on his right eye. You pull everything out of your backpack, including a huge briefcase that could pass as a small suitcase and stuff everything in it before going back to walking.

After about three minutes, a cab finally enters the scene, so you hail it. You hop in the back and say, "Airport, and I'm in a hurry, so if you can get me there quickly, there's a nice tip in it."

The skeevy looking driver turns back and says, "No problem."


Any delays? Or does the driver get that tip?

          Getting through the airport


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