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Three months removed now from family and friends, I often contemplate what I gave up to move 3,000 miles from home all in the name of a career opportunity. Among other things, I miss playing tennis twice/week, with the same guys. I looked into a couple clubs out here, but none of them offered anything remotely close to what I was used to. None of my coworkers played, and I never saw anybody on any courts near my house. A coworker suggested craigslist.

I typed the word 'tennis' into the search engine box on the website and hit enter. A plethora of ads appeared, but the first one caught my eye. It read: 4.0 Tennis and More! I knew I was better than 4.0, but I hadn't played in a while, and a 4.0 player would probably be fun to hit with nevertheless. I clicked on the ad, and the link yielded more information. It read: 3 Solid Players Looking for a Regular Fourth or a Singles Partner. 45 year old, athletic male here, flexible schedule, access to nice courts, willingness to travel, and anticipation for good tennis. Reply back with pic.

Wow, this sounds perfect. I wonder why he wants my pic though. I tell him a little bit about my tennis background, and the fact that there are courts near my house, and if for one reason or other he couldn't drive. I'd be willing to come to him too. I told him I don't have a pic, but I could give him my number, and tell him the car I drive if he should want to meet. Before I hit send though, I'm not sure what I should tell him I'm interested in playing.


Should I express interest in singles or doubles?

          Off my game a bit due to the move I pick doubles


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