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"Account of Courtney & Jeremy | whizzper | 26


Jeremy was close to the point of no return when Jasmine said for them to stop. "Okay, now for you Courtney to take his place so Jeremy and Adam here can learn the best ways for getting us gals off."

Courtney nodded and stood up, and with a breath took the rest of her clothes off. She then laid down on the bed and covered her face with her hands.

"Courtney, it's okay, don't be embarrassed." Courtney heard Jasmine say. "Okay, the erogenous zones of women. Again I must stress that people will like different things. Let's start at the obvious. Her nipples will always be very sensitive, some more than others. Jeremy rub your...

"Uh...Ms. Jasmine, we are mostly girls here, so we know the sensitive areas for ourselves. As for Adam and Jeremy here, Jeremy's had some hands on lessons with Sharon," Georgia said. Sharon for her part blushed in embarrassment. "And according to Carla, Adam has been getting laid since he was fourteen! So...I mean he'd know how to please her."

"Oh, he does!" Carla said, leaning against her just revealed boyfriend.

Aimee continued, " and I have never been with a guy. Hell, we're not sure if we want to get with a guy really. Maybe...maybe have someone fuck...or make love as the case may be...or something. I mean...I mean totally no offense, but we had a lot of this in Health class. Without the live volunteers, of course."

Jasmine, rather than be offended, chuckled sweetly, "You know I'm used to lectures in either colleges or junior high schools. I tried to do a mix of the two, toning down the college lecture and of course I don't have live models in the Junior high lectures. But fine, you want a little advanced. Courtney, Jeremy...would you like to have sex in front of your friends?"

Courtney lifted her head up, "Uh...I...uh...This..."

Carla smiled at her friend, "It's educational. If you don't...maybe...maybe Adam and I can do it? I'm not shy...and I...well...I'm kinda horny!


Courtney and Jeremy, or Adam and Carla?

          Adam is talked into it...


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