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Apartment 3G | brevdravis | 6


Gently, you lift Andi, and with a final kiss on her lips, you lay her on her side next to you. The movement causes your cock to be freed from the delightful blowjob you were recieving, and as you roll to your side, you feel another girl snuggling up to you in the spoon position.

You look over your shoulder, and see Sarah, a happy smile on her face as her hands roam all over your body. Turning back, you find that Kelly has spooned behind Andi, leaving you face to face with the sweet, large breasted brunette. Kelly's hands roam over Andi, her fingers tweaking Andi's nipples, bringing them to full erection. Your hands reach out, and encircle the two girls, barely able to get your arms around the both of them.

Andi leans forward, and kisses you deeply, her tounge sliding in, running around your teeth, and back, teasing you deliciously. As you kiss her, you feel another set of lips on your cheek, and realize that Sarah has stretched forward to join the kiss. As Andi's tounge withdraws from your mouth, Sarah's slides in, taking over the job of bringing pleasure to your mouth. That kiss continues, until you realize that Kelly too has joined the kiss, your four tounges writhing about one another with the sole goal of bringing each other pleasure.

Your hands roam, finding a breast here, moving to touch another, and another, constantly in motion. You feel enveloped in beautiful female flesh. A wetness touches your thigh, and you realize that Andi has wrapped her legs about one of yours. She glides up and down, as you roll over onto your back, to find Sarah, grasping your other leg in hers. The two of them hump themselves shamelessly against you, smearing the wetness of their beautiful pussies along your legs.

As you watch, both of them begin to moan, and your kisses with the four girls become more and more heated. Suddenly you feel a third body atop you, in between the other lovely women. You realize that Kelly has climbed atop you, and is rubbing her fiery red bush against your aching hard-on. Her wetness lubricates your cock, and the combination of the three rubbing pussies is enough to bring you close to the edge.

Your hands continue to touch and stroke, as Andi begins to buck uncontrollably around your leg. The motion excites Sarah even more, and you find both girls beginning to come, moaning " oh god, "

Kelly plants her hands on your chest, and adjusts her hips slightly as the two girls writhe about her, and before you know it, you find your cock buried inside a fiery red pussy. Kelly squeezes you softly, grinning against the three faces near hers. "'s inside me." She moans "Every bit of him.... god, it feels so good."

She fucks you rapidly, her motion against the other two girls causing them to hold you closer as their bodies begin to buck against you once more. You feel a strong feeling of pleaure in your throbbing cock. You are about to come deep inside Kelly.


Come inside her? Or Give the other girls some first?


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