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Apartment 3G | brevdravis | 5


You smile down at her, imagining her lovely lips on your cock. She hovers, looking at you expectantly.

"Would you please, if you would be so kind," you begin, drawing out the agony as long as possible, "proceed, to begin fellatiating, my nice hard cock?"

She grins up at you, as her lips descend upon your cockhead. Her tounge cicles around you as her hand rises and descends, pumping your dick softly. You groan, as she proceeds to suck the entire length of your cock into her mouth. Her suction becomes intense as she lifts her head, finally releasing your cockhead with an audible pop.

"Mmmmm," she purrs, "See what happens when you ask nicely?" she straightens, and pulls her shirt over her head, revealing nice apple sized breasts, capped with beautiful pink nipples. You mouth salivates, as she bends down, slowly removing her pants, sliding them down to reveal a fiery red patch of hair, framing a perfectly pouted pussy.

"Like it?" she poses, modeling her naked body for a moment, before crawling back up on the bed. She rubs herself against you, and you are painfully aware of your cock mere inches from her damp pussy. It's all you can do to stop from rolling her over and taking her.

Her lips meet yours in a heated kiss. You realize you must do something to satisfy this firebrand, and you have to do it now!


Reciprocate, or get right down to it?

          get down to business!


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