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Angst | brevdravis | 6


"Yeah," Gerald stammered nervously, eying the hot little body encased under the skirt.

"Okay," Katrina smiled, raising the hem of her little skirt higher and higher, revealing a white lacy thong clutching at the juncture of her thighs. It's very tight, and along either side, Gerald realized that he can see his sister's pussy lips.

"Do you like them?" she said softly, looking at Gerald with a nervous grin.

"I think you'll make a boy very happy some day," said Gerald with a dry mouth. He wished desperately that he could see that gorgeous pussy in all it's glory.

Slowly, an expression very similar to a mischevous grin split Katrina's face, and she raised the hem of her skirt even higher, before hooking her thumbs into the elastic of her thong. With one motion she yanked the thong downward, revealing a nicely trimmed light brown patch of hair, with beautifully pouted pussy lips beneath. Gerald gasped, realizing that his sister has acted upon his mental command.

"Like it?" she barely whispered. She took up a wide stance, her fingers dipping to her lips and spreading them apart gently. "I shouldn't be doing this, but I'm getting so hot." Her fingers become damp as her pussy moistened, glistening with her excitement.


Does Gerald take advantage of the incestuous situation?

          The Flesh is Weak...


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