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Bar Hoppin | brevdravis | 7


You rapidly thrust your cock into her, as she moans and pants. You move your hand up from her rosebud, to cup her gorgeous buttocks.

"Oh, yeah, fuck me harder!" She growls into your throat, pumping her hips against you rapidly. "Oh shit...." She murmurs....

Her pussy feels like it's liquid fire. She grasps you with her internal muscles, milking your dick. You can't take much more of it.

"Yeah baby, I'm gonna come...." She pants, bucking her hips against you..... Her teeth are set, as she concentrates on the fusion of your two bodies.

"Yeah...." you groan, your pulsing cock deep within her. "I'm gonna come too baby."

"WHAT?" she gasps against you, the drunkeness abruptly gone from her. "NO, wait!" she moans, as her body ripples with orgasm. The shockwaves running up and down her pussy clench your cock tightly, and it's all you can do to finish bringing her off without coming yourself.

"Pull..... it....ooooouuuut...." She grunts between orgasmic sighs. "I'm...not...on...the...pill"

It's too late though. Your orgasm has passed the point of no return, and as you groan, waves of pleasure shoot up from your balls, running through your cock, up to the very head of your member. You pulse inside her, finally shooting your searing hot cum into her pussy. On and on you shoot, feeling the juice pouring out from between your fused bodies. Her pussy contracts in the aftershocks of her orgasm, milking the last few drops of come from your cock...

"Noooooo." she wails, feeling you deep within her, your fluid pulsing into her deep wet snatch.


Played with fire, does she get burned?


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