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"A Life" As A Phantom Thief | Anarchy4all | 13


You buzz Cynthia's apartment, hoping she's home, and wait for a response while clicking the condom every so often. After roughly one minute, there is no response, so she's either out or entertaining, bottom lining to 'This is not a good time.' As you turn to leave, the door to the building opens and out pops Cynthia, dressed in a red halter top and black leather miniskirt. Upon noticing you, she says, "A stripper getting an off duty visit from her punching bag, I'm guessing you considered at least one of my propositions."

"Yep, I've got my thoughts and information all in order, mind if we drive around and talk about it?"

"For anyone else, this would cost you," she says as you unlock the passenger door. With the two of you driving around wherever the wind takes you and the occasional click on the condom, you decide to start the real conversation after a few minutes, so you start with small talk. Once you're certain there's no one following the car, turning the only possible threat into Cynthia, you start the real conversation.

"Okay," you begin, "I thought about making you a partner, and looked you up through a few databases. Given what I found, I figure your word's good enough, if you still want to work with , you just have to pass two tests. First, is going to steal 'The Templars Find Solomon's Treasure' next week, test one is, you're going to help. Second, you have to take me to Larry Coil to sell the thing for a good price. If you can do both without fail, you're a partner. What do you say?"

"Alright, but naturally I don't want to make the plan, I just want to work in it."

"Don't worry, I already have a plan," you tell her and tell her the plan Mike agreed to. You carefully choose all your words, making sure Cynthia will think it'll be you and her crashing the party at the Royal Treatment without actually saying that, and you leave out everything about "Blood Tear." You still don't know what's going to happen in regards to trust, and if she finds out there are two people created and his heists, she'll rat you both out. However, if she doesn't know the whole truth, you could weasel out of her traitorous action.

"Alright, awesome, I'll take it. So, do we seal the deal now?" she says with an excited smile as she unzips the side of her skirt.

"Not yet, first you pass the test, then we focus on any benefits in a partnership."

"Alright. Well, if there's nothing else, just drop me off at this corner so I can look for work. Although, if you still want a good fuck that has nothing to do with , my rates from the club stand."

"Tempting offer, very tempting offer, however I only have a week to prepare for the heist. With so little time, I'd rather prepare first, then kick back and get my brains fucked out by a tease like you."

"'A tease LIKE me'?" she asks zipping her skirt back up. "I have competition for the rights to your knob?"

"Not yet, but I do have my sights set on someone who will give you a run for your money, as soon as she starts running. Although it may just be my love for red hair, there's something about her I just couldn't stop thinking about unless you were dancing or teasing me."

"Ugh, you got one of those lame crushes on the officer who chases you. Listen, the only way that you two are going to share a bed is if it's a bed of lettuce at a buffet or a bed of concrete in the road. You have a much better chance to bed a partner or a stranger."

"So it's impossible?" you ask.

"Ninety-nine point nine nine percent."

"Good, if can do the impossible, then the amount of people who say his name go up. I may have to disguise myself to do it, but I'm willing to do anything to get her once." Upon hearing your words, Cynthia's grinning face turns to shock and rejection as you let her out. This time, she does nothing to tease you as she exits, she just gets out, without so much as a thanks. Considering everything, you figure Cynthia really does have a school girl crush on , so you should be safe, but it all depends on the results of the heist.

Anyway, the roster for 's team is set, now it all depends on the set up and the play. For the set up, Mike will work on the mechanical stuff, however, rehearsing the moves and setting up the costumes remains your job.


Skip to the heist? Or does something interesting happen before the week ends?

          Morning of the heist


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