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"A Life" As A Phantom Thief | Anarchy4all | 12


"Well, I'll start," Mike says, "Cynthia Thorton was born in Las Vegas almost 19 years ago, her mother died shortly after her birth. When she was 5, Child Services took her away from her father and put her in a foster home. Since she was 12, she's been arrested several times on drug possession, use, and sale, assault, with deadly weapons and without, theft, and prostitution, both as the seller and buyer. When she was 16, she ran away from her foster family and has been living out here since.

"She has no direct connections to the police, excluding her arrests and her job at 'Udder Delight,' and same applies to anyone in organized crime, however, she does have a good connection outside of business to a Mr. Larry Coil. She's been seen in public entering private buildings with him that have no direct connection to either of her jobs or his, and he's known to buy and sell stolen property for a trusted acquaintance at a good price. And in regards to your warning, there's no tell-tale sign of hacking or a virus in this system, so if there was any, she as good as me, if not better."

"Huh," you say out loud, seems Cynthia really is a woman of her word, and if you can rope her in by your next heist, it will only help your plan.

"Okay," you say, "I'll try and rope Cynthia in tonight, and as for the heist next week, I got a plan that will make as big a name as Arsène Lupin. steals both."

"Excuse me?"

"Think about it, if can orchestrate two successful heists for the same night, he'll announce he's more than one person, but his name will be legendary. Once we pull that off, the police will chase nonstop and then we can play them like a fine tuned instrument. Besides, it'll do you some good to get off this computer and try some field work."

"If you can give me a good plan, I'll do it, but until then, we're not committing to it."

"Easy, in fact, I already have two, one involving Cynthia and one that doesn't, and they're both pretty simple. First..." you tell Mike your plans, revealing you calculated everything down to the last detail for both plans for the dual heists.

"Alright, those are good, I'll prepare the gear. You go and talk to Cynthia, if she doesn't bust you she's in for the heist, and if she doesn't stab us in the back, she's in for as long as she wants. In case she does, take this," Mike says as he passes you a wrapped condom. You shoot him a quizzical look before he says, "There's a small chip in the wrapper, keep it in your pocket and press down every five minutes, it'll send a signal to reset the timer on your computer. If the timer reaches zero, I'll assume you were arrested. The batteries are fresh, so the only chance of it not working are if Cynthia's apartment blocks incoming and outgoing signals or you stay there for twenty-four hours."

With nothing else to do other than train, you change out of your delivery uniform and throw on some jeans and a 'Death Note' t-shirt and hop in your car to go welcome Cynthia to 's gang. On the trip over, you work on changing your voice without using the changer in your pocket. Before long, you arrive at Cynthia's without much improvement, if any, and head off to ring her down, your obviously not going to give her a home field advantage.


Is Cynthia home? Does she double cross you?

          She goes in late


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