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"Underground" Gaming | Anarchy4all | 2


You look over to the where the voice came from and notice Mary in a black cocktail dress serving drinks and food to the gamblers while waving to you. Mary went to the same high school you did, though you only remember that because she was your date for senior prom. You use the word "date" very loosely, however, as you only went to the prom because it is the only night one's guaranteed to get laid and most of the actual prom you spent playing "Death Note: Kira Game" on your DS lite while she hung out with her friends. You definitely had fun that night, especially since your cock spent plenty of time between her lips (both her lipstick coated lips and prominent, bald pussy lips), between her milky white D-cups, and even up her ass at one point, and the proof was crusted all over her face and fiery red hair. You were shocked when you learned Mary worked at the Arena as a waitress, until you learned exactly how much some of these people tip, and you two often talk about this and that, never bringing up the prom since she felt used.

Mary walks towards you, done with orders for the moment and asks, "Well, what are you here for tonight? The hostesses aren't here yet so the waitresses are covering for now."

"Tonight's a night to sit back and enjoy a show, and maybe place some bets. Am I still allowed in the Emperor's Box?" you ask.

"Of course , right this way."

After a brief walk, you arrive in the luxurious VVVIP box called the Emperor's box. Just as the emperor of Rome sat in his box relaxing while watching the events of the Coliseum, the Box served the same purpose. The Box had comfy recliners for seats, a monitor for each game viewable only from the box, and the bookies came to the you. The only people allowed to stay in this box were Jerry and anyone he gave the okay to.

You take your typical seat, to the left of Jerry's faux jewel encrusted "throne," the right side was reserved for whoever he was dating. The clock reads eleven o'clock, and the bookie walks in the Box, asking if anyone wants to make an early bet. The bets made before registration closed pay better, but the odds of losing were higher than post registration. You look at his line-up and notice two strong warriors have already signed in, they're not the best, but they are strong.

The first warrior is a familiar name, Richard Brown, better known as "Kaiser." Of German decent, Kaiser first walked into Jerry's when you were both sixteen, and you two met at "Time Crisis 3," you played Alan Dunaway and he played Wesely Lambert. At the end of the game, your scores were extremely close, you beat him by only thirty-seven points, and neither of your health gauges reached zero even once. After that, you competed at the other "Time Crisis" games and any other games you could compete at, and in the end, the wins kept going back and forth between you two. During a later conversation, you learned he's been gaming for about as long as you have and has dedicated roughly as much time to gaming as you have. Since his arrival in your life, he's been one of your biggest rivals and best friends, and his presence always makes the game that much more interesting.

He entered "Coliseum," where the warriors become Roman gladiators and battle to the death against other gladiators, both warriors and characters, and a ton of lions. Due to the one hit kill feature, the best warrior may not win, so this is always an interesting game to watch and the pay outs are always huge. Due to his skills, the odds for Kaiser are at fifty to one, which is rather low considering the game and the fact that it's an early odd.

Next is the Empress of the Arena, Haley Bright, commonly called, "Gaia." Gaia has always reminded the sexists that girls could game just as well as guys, if not better. You first met Gaia here at the Arena, you two were entered in different games and were just down in the Pit, though she'll say it was during an after game drink. While most of the warriors were taunting their competition, you noticed Gaia just stretching and meditating. Between that and her win, which you managed to catch the end of, you decided to talk to her, and learned she's been gaming since she was ten, she's currently twenty, she spends her time before Arena matches psyching herself up, and has a natural talent for gaming, making her one of the top thirty gamers of the Arena, number one among the women warriors, despite the fact that she's spent less time gaming than all of the other warriors. Despite her efforts to destroy sexism in gaming, her odds are always placed slightly higher than usual because of her tits, she's a large C-cup and every so often her boobs makes it hard for her to move her arms.

Tonight, Gaia entered, "Treasure Hunt," in which the warriors went looking for a treasure Indiana Jones might have gone looking for. Each warrior would lead a loyal band of followers to obtain a treasure, which changed every game, and get it back to a museum. Trickery, deceit, and the occasional fight and fling make this game very popular with the audience, and due to the tactics required to win, the odds are based predominantly on their skills as a gamer. Gaia's odds are placed at one hundred one to one, the extra one most likely being for her breasts, which is a pretty average odd for an early bet.

Out of everyone registered so far, these two are the only two who are worth putting a serious bet on, so you weigh your options carefully and come to a decision.


Who do you bet on? Do you bet on both? Or do you not bet at all?

          Gaia only


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