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"Underground" Gaming | Anarchy4all | 2


You look over to the where the voice came from and notice Mary in a black cocktail dress serving drinks and food to the gamblers while waving to you. Mary went to the same high school you did, though you only remember that because she was your date for senior prom. You use the word "date" very loosely, however, as you only went to the prom because it is the only night one's guaranteed to get laid and most of the actual prom you spent playing "Death Note: Kira Game" on your DS lite while she hung out with her friends. You definitely had fun that night, especially since your cock spent plenty of time between her lips (both her lipstick coated lips and prominent, bald pussy lips), between her milky white D-cups, and even up her ass at one point, and the proof was crusted all over her face and fiery red hair. You were shocked when you learned Mary worked at the Arena as a waitress, until you learned exactly how much some of these people tip, and you two often talk about this and that, never bringing up the prom since she felt used.

Mary walks towards you, done with orders for the moment and asks, "Well, what are you here for tonight? The hostesses aren't here yet so the waitresses are covering for now."

"Tonight's a gaming night, please lead the way to the pit," you respond. The pit, the place where the warriors of the night gather to register and talk down to their competition. Registration always ended promptly at 11:15, and the official odds were set at 11:16, if you bet on someone before then, the pay outs were always better, but so were the odds of losing. Due to the design, the warriors never heard anything from the crowd, only what was in the game, and the audience could see the different games going on on the different flat screens located throughout the Arena.

At the bottom of the stairs down to the pit, Mary says, "Please go register and good luck."

"Kiss for good luck?" you ask her in a mock flirty tone, figuring she'll refuse due to the prom mishap. This makes it all the more shocking when she actually does lean in for a kiss, which you do return purely out of not wanting to be out done. It was only a peck on each others' lips, but at the break she turns away before you can say anything and heads back up to the seats. You head to the registration desk and notice that there are four games you can compete in tonight, all of which you're familiar with.

First, there is the always popular and ever appropriate "Coliseum." In the Coliseum, you become a gladiator in ancient Rome, challenging the other combatants, both warriors and characters, and a ton of lions. In this game in particular, life wasn't always guaranteed; most of the time, people come out very sore, but alive, but this game has the highest fatality rate of all of tonight's. This game only ends once there's only one gladiator left alive, and that gladiator isn't necessarily a warrior. As a result, this game is considered the most dangerous of the night and promises the winner the second biggest purse, assuming they are the last gladiator standing.

Second, there was eternally enticing "Battle on the Seven Seas." In this game, each combatant was Captain of a pirate ship, each ship came complete with a custom crew. This game ended either an hour before the Arena closes or when every captain had been defeated, the winner was decided based on whichever ship had the highest monetary value of treasure, and warriors were pulled out of the game if their ship sank, they were defeated in combat, or their crew found reason to mutiny. Since this game doesn't always end with a fatal blow to the warrior, it's considered the least dangerous game of the night and has the smallest purse.

Third, was the always adventurous and occasionally arousing "Treasure Hunt." This game made the player a regular Indiana Jones, except for the clothes and the whip, and the treasure they were hunting was always kept secret until the game started, but there was always Indiana-type danger. Each warrior was given a band of followers, who followed their orders to the letter, but that was only guaranteed if they didn't fuck up badly enough to invoke a riot among their band. The winner was decided by whoever got the treasure back to a museum, and the game didn't end just because you got on the plane that would take you to the museum, and the players could be pulled if they died by character, warrior, or fell into a trap to guard the treasure, so once again, the winner isn't guaranteed to be a warrior. All things considered, this was marked as the second most dangerous of the night, and promised the third largest purse.

Fourth, the always difficult and ever unpredictable "Mystery Mania." This game's defining features is that it requires much more thinking, doesn't usually invoke the most violence, and always features the previous treasure from "Treasure Hunt." The game is, the mysterious, murderous thief, Raven, stole the recent treasure addition to a museum, and a huge reward, matching the real purse, was offered to whoever returned it to the museum. This game requires a keen eye and a strong mind to finish, though some people follow the person who seems to know what they're doing. The treasure can't always be recovered, and Raven himself or herself is even harder to track, so most people only seek the treasure, but if you can catch Raven and turn him or her in, you'll get the Raven purse, and catching Raven is said to guarantee the reward money for the treasure he or she stole. The Raven purse started at $10,000, but with every game he's not caught, his purses increases by some amount, and tonight it's up to $125,000. Due to it's unpredictability and the fact that the audience loves watching how the warriors react to the different situations, it traditionally has the largest purse, not counting the Raven purse.


Which do you decide to play?

          "Battle on the Seven Seas"


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