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A Boy at a Strict Girls School | Anarchy4all | 13


"Alright ," says coldly. "But let's be clear on something, I do this, that weed is never used against me, right? I can restart a drug problem on campus, but Miss Stevens will never see the weed you already have, right?"

"Right, unless I get too many complaints about your performance as a maid," you respond as you uncuff her. "One too many and I have to break the deal. And since I'm at it, let's also discuss two last things I forgot to mention. First, I sorta already mentioned this: complaints. With every complaint about your performance, I have to punish you, since you wouldn't be performing your punishment, thus wouldn't be learning your lesson. I'll keep the punishments as a surprise for you, but if I get too many complaints, I have to go to Miss Stevens with the weed.

Second: your work load. To make sure you're not getting off easy during this month, we need to drum up publicity for you, and I think a great way to do that would involve a photo. So, let's get you changed into that uniform." With that and a grumble from , you two head back into her room, where she grumbles even more at the mess you made and the levels of privacy you violated in your search.

starts to put on the French maid uniform you left in her suitcase, not slowly, but not quickly, putting thoughts in your head. 'If she was humiliated, she would dress quickly, so she's not degraded,' you think, 'But she isn't being flashy with her dressing, so is she accepting or what?' As you continue to ponder the possibilities, clears her throat, breaking you from your theories and signifying she's done dressing, which, surprisingly, you didn't pay much attention to.

The pleated bottom of the dress stops about halfway up her thighs, just under the tops of her fishnet stockings. The apron tied tightly around her waist shows off her beautiful curves, and the tiara keeps her hair out of her lovely face. "Well then," you say commandingly, "it seems to be fine, but just to be sure, please turn around and bend over." Without hesitation, turns and bends, causing her skirt to ride up, revealing the bottom of her ass and her hairless pussy. "Okay, you check out," you start, "but now for the pose. Present feather duster."

picks a feather duster off her bed as she stands up and faces you, asking, "So, am I dusting you or using it as a dildo?"

", please, " you say mocking offense, "This is a school, you need to keep it clean and show you can keep it clean. All you're doing for the photo is dusting me."

You grab the chair from her desk and set it up, then moving in front of the chair, but to the side, towards where you place the camera after setting the timer. You quickly and carefully take a seat, then tell to bend over and dust your erect cock, showing half her face and the bottom half of one of her ass cheeks to the camera. The camera flashes, and, after a quick photo check, you are happy with your work. "Alright," you start, "that should do. Get some rest, you're going to need it."

With the tasks done, you wander around campus, looking for anyone else who may need disciplining, but can't find too many people out and about, and the ones who are aren't doing anything noticeably wrong. After enough time, you have a good feel for the campus and figure it's time to work on 's month of servitude, so you head back to your room.

After changing for bed, you power up the computer and log into the Skyviews system as Head Boy. You go to the discipline section, and begin reporting the lie and punishment you and agreed on, with the added message, "Staff, if you find something that could be used as part of 's punishment, contact me in some way and I'll get her on it ASAP."

With that taken care of, you move onto the next step and obtain the e-mails of every student enrolled in Skyviews and start an e-mail for every one of them. You start the e-mail with the photo of dusting your crotch, then type below it in big, colorful letters, "Something need touching up and/or cleaning? Call on , Skyviews' personal maid, to bring a happy and excited feeling back to Skyviews and its students. Offer only good for thirty days, so act fast or you might miss out." Following that, you include 's work hours and cell number, then type, "Complaints about our maid?" and then list the number to the phone in your office. Satisfied with your work, you press "send."

After a quick jerk at the thoughts of what's to come for tomorrow at Skyviews, you fall asleep.


How does tomorrow start?


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