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"A Life" As A Phantom Thief | Anarchy4all | 10


With a "Ta-da," Cynthia presents today's paper. With a look of confusion, you take the paper and unfold it, bringing you face to face with an article entitled, "Mysterious Steals Emerald Wendigo." The article mentions the time of the crime, the fact that a warning note was sent, and includes a number for a police line to call if anyone has any information about the Wendigo or . 'Yeehaw, I made the front page!' you think to yourself, trying to hide your pride from Cynthia.

"That's what you did before coming to the club," Cynthia proclaims proudly, "You stole the Wendigo. Between the theft, the police-free getaway to your house, a change of clothes, and the ride to my club, the time frame fits perfectly. Factor in how spooked you were by the police that came in and the fact you reeked of adrenaline when you came in, there's no way you're NOT ."

'Damn,' you think to yourself, 'Cynthia can see through anyone.' "And," you say, trying not to sound nervous, "What are you going to do with this theory?"

"Well, if this theory was true," she says patronizingly, "I would first offer to let you see my records, to let you know exactly what you would get yourself into, if you wanted. Then, once you learned who I am, assuming that was your choice, I'd ask to be your partner."

"Okay, and, still assuming I'm , if I agreed to take you on, what would you offer me? This article alone demonstrates I'd do fine on my own for a while."

"Well, I do have connections that could hook you up with anything you may need for equipment, like voice changers, motion sensors, and stuff like that, or sell the art or whatever you steal before the statute of limitations expires and still get a damn good price on it. I could also sneak you in the back door of the club and alibi you on nights I'm working. Anything else you want in a partner?"

Well, this is certainly interesting, but based on her person, Cynthia isn't lying about being able to do any of this. The question is: Is she really trustworthy? She still seems extremely untrusting, but you do have that recording, so maybe it's worth it.

"One last question," you say. "Why would you WANT to work with ?"

"Well," she states, rubbing your cock through your pants with both hands, "I have always had a fetish for danger and guys who live dangerously. And since you don't seem like one of those murderous or super destructive thieves, I think you're especially ballsy, since that would mean you never kill a witness and you have to be sure you don't leave any evidence. Also, even though you're ballsy as , you're still cute as Curtis. Although, I think the best seller on that deal would be the eight inches I felt against my pussy this morning and against my hands right now." Looking down at your crotch, Cynthia's speech of turning her on and her hands did in fact put the blood back in your penis. You turn back to her and notice Cynthia's eyes are locked on your bulging fly.

"What do you say? We can seal the deal with a good fuck on my couch. Or, if you want the info first or don't have that kind of time, you can come back after work and I could give you my records. Or if don't trust me, we can hit a cyber cafe of your choosing and look it up ourselves."

'Hmm,' you think, 'Cynthia definitely has use, both as a criminal and sex partner. But on the other hand, I still know next to nothing about her past, and it wouldn't hurt to know that before I commit to a deal with her.'


Do you agree or not? Or would you rather know more about Cynthia before deciding?

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