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"A Life" As A Phantom Thief | Anarchy4all | 9


After about ten deliveries, you notice the address of your next delivery is where you dropped Cynthia off earlier today, for a Cynthia Thorton. You quickly get excited, 'She may not have given me an apartment number or her last name, but how many Cynthias could possibly live in a single building? But then again, there is the air of danger around her and she has been mysterious.' On the drive to the building, you go back and forth with your thoughts, and you come to a single conclusion. Regardless of who she is, the sexy stripper or the dangerous enigma, Cynthia sends the blood rushing to your cock. You only really hope that it is the same Cynthia, because if it's anyone else, she'll look at your bulge and think you're a pervert. You pull up to the building and wrestle out the delivery from the back before walking up to the building. Before you press the button for the intercom, you scan up and down the list of tenants, and feel relieved, there is in fact only one Cynthia in this building.

You push the intercom, and after a moment, hear a familiar voice call, "Yeah?"

"Delivery for Cynthia Thorton," you say in a somewhat deeper voice than usual.

"Alright, come on up." and she buzzes the door open. You quickly take the elevator to the fifth floor, and wander aimlessly for apartment 5G until you finally figure out the orientation of this building. With a racing heart and a hard swallow, you knock on the door and wait for Cynthia. After a moment, the door opens and reveals Cynthia, wearing a red silk robe and, upon noticing you're the delivery guy, a smile. Since she didn't hold the top of the robe closed, you could tell she wasn't wearing a top of any kind underneath. You quickly snap yourself out of every fantasy you had up to this point. 'Dreaming between delivery to delivery is fine,' you think, 'but fantasy stops when it's time to be serious. And now is especially a time to be serious.'

"Oh, what have we here?" she asks with that same mischievous smile from this morning. "Does my cutie think I'm going to act out a porno just because he comes to my apartment dressed as a delivery man? Or are you really a delivery man and do you really have a delivery for me?"

"Serious delivery, please just sign for it so I can get back to work."

"You're no fun when you're working," she says pouting as she signs. You hand her her package and turn to leave, but Cynthia grab your shoulder and says, "Before you go, I'd like to talk to you for a minute about something. Mind coming in real quick?"

"Why not, all I could lose is my dignity, and you already stole that," you say as you walk in to her apartment.

Cynthia closes and locks the door behind you before running into what is no doubt the bedroom. While she's gone, you take a seat on the couch and look around the apartment. You notice that the locks on the door are simple to operate, but difficult to get through, it's cluttered with various magazines, newspapers, and dirty laundry, and the decorations seem more suitable for a little girl than a woman like Cynthia. There are Disney posters on the walls and little figurines of various horses and unicorns, in fact, the only thing in this apartment of that indicates an older woman lives here is the stack of pornos and the bra you found under a throw pillow.

Before you can even guess why it's decorated like this, Cynthia returns with her hands behind her back, hiding something from your gaze and pushing her chest out in the process. She sits down on the couch next to you and says, "Well, cu... , I want to talk to you about this," as she shows you what she kept behind her back.


What does Cynthia want to talk about?



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