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"A Life" As A Phantom Thief | Anarchy4all | 8


"Sorry Cynthia, your sexy and you'd definitely come in handy for a few situations, but I can't really trust a blackmailer."

"Hmm, okay, I guess that'll do for now," she says as she lays back, "at least now I know you really are up to something. But I would have thought someone who recorded me saying something compromising would trust me a bit more." 'Shit,' you think, 'this babe is really dangerous.' You quickly search yourself, and find the recorder missing. 'Fuck, I needed that thing,' you think, before Cynthia presents the recorder, complete with the memory chip. You quickly check it, and it is in fact the one with Cynthia's speech, causing you to eye the she-devil in your backseat.

"I figure you'd have to keep me on a leash for a while before you completely trust me. So, what do you do? Please tell me or I'll have to have that bouncer beat your cute face in next time you come to see me."

"Alright, alright, but I'm not telling you yet. Trust like the type this recording creates fades when the recording is erased, I want to make sure I can genuinely trust you first."

"Fine, sounds fair, just be sure I get that recording if you say no. Until then, I guess you can be a repeat customer I like. What's your name?"

" Curtis, and we're here," you say as you pull up to Cynthia's apartment building. She sticks her head out to the front of the car to give you a quick peck on the cheek, her hands never coming near you. You turn to her, "What was that for?"

"A thank you for the ride home, and being nice enough to keep me from falling off your lap. If you weren't empty and didn't have a reason to distrust me, that might have been a blowjob."

With that, Cynthia gets out of the car and you drive home. You get home with just enough time to shower, shave, and get in a few hours of sleep before you have to go to work. During your slumber, you have an interesting dream, a dream about Cynthia, doing some shady act in an alley, and that act isn't sexual, neither are her clothes. When you wake up to your alarm, you fix your hair, put on your uniform, and get to the central storage. Once they give you your load of packages for delivery and the clip board with the addresses and number of packages, you're off.


Skip to your break? Or does something interesting happen before then?

          A delivery for Cynthia


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