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"A Life" As A Phantom Thief | Anarchy4all | 6


"I'll take the dance," you say to her. That is what you came here for, and anymore would be fun, but risky with the police on alert right now.

"Alright, come with me," she says, seemingly disappointed with your choice. Cynthia leads you to the back of the club and takes you passed a few other girls giving someone a dance before sitting you on a couch with speakers on the edge. "Give me just a sec, I need to change the music for this booth," she says quietly before walking off. You take this time to get comfortable and eye the other dancers. The dancing seems okay, the tits are mostly fakes, and you don't think too many are using their original hair color, leading you to believe you've got the catch of the night. Suddenly, the speakers of your couch play a soft, sensual music and Cynthia reappears, saying, "Now remember, you can't touch me, but I can touch you," as she slides off her babydoll, revealing those beautiful DDs capped with red nipples, that powder blue G-string, and great curves you couldn't notice during her previous dance.

Cynthia starts dancing to the music, twirling around slowly and playing with her breasts. When her perfect ass is pointed at you, her left hand jumps to it, smacking it, before she bends over, causing your already hard penis to finally reach full mast. Her other hand reaches from between her legs, rubbing her pussy through the G-string, before lightly pulling it away from her, releasing it from the grasp of her ass. Cynthia straightens up and continues dancing with her ass to you, this time her legs do more moving, causing the panties to slide to the floor. She turns to face you, showing you her pussy and the neat little strip of blonde hair above it, as she slowly dances to her knees. She leans back, still on her knees, and gives you a great look at her nether lips before she slides her right hand along it. She uses two fingers to part her lips while she runs her middle finger up the length, all the while her other hand plays with her right breast.

Cynthia leans forward and crawls to your feet, reaching between your legs. She spreads your legs wide as she slowly stands up, wiggling her hips as she does, until she's on her feet again. She lifts the breast she was playing with earlier and licks down from the top of her breast down the end of her erect nipple, before drawing her mouth back to graze it with her front teeth. While she distracted you with her breast, she threw her right leg over your right leg, which you hadn't even noticed until she turned away from you.

Now sitting on your leg, Cynthia begins to slowly grind her pussy into your leg, slowly inching herself along towards you. When her back presses into your chest, her leg only inches from your steel flagpole, she leans back, to your right, and pulls your head down into her breasts. When she resumes grinding into your leg, her breasts begin flailing slightly, massaging your head and neck gently. After a few seconds of this, Cynthia pushes you back into the couch before sitting up. She slides her left leg over yours to join her right before the right jumps across you and over your shoulder, bringing her slightly spread pussy right into your face. Cynthia begins to slowly grind her pussy, only touching the tip of your nose, leaving some juices and an exciting smell behind as she slowly picks up the pace. When she's fast enough that some juice flies off her, she brings her leg back down to straddle you and picks up a faster pace, steadying herself by wrapping her arms around your neck.

After all that, it didn't take much grinding for you to blow your load. With an almost audible groan, your hips thrust off the couch and you come extremely hard, instinctively grabbing Cynthia to make sure she doesn't fall off your quivering hips. As you come down from your orgasm, you realize what you did and say, "Sorry, I just didn't want you to fall," as you release your hands, causing Cynthia to smile. She leans into your face and responds, "I'll let it slide, but only because your cute." Suddenly, you remember the pussy juice on your nose, but before you can reach up to wipe it off, Cynthia licks it off, causing your hips to shake more.

Cynthia gets off of you, and asks, "Now, how about my money?" You stand up and pull out your wallet, eyeing Cynthia as she dresses. You hand her the fifty and say, "Before you get your tip, tell me, when can I get a dance like that again?" Cynthia giggles softly, "Well, I always work from Friday night to Saturday morning, otherwise my hours are constantly changing." She walks in closely to get her tip, saying, "Though I don't know why you would want to walk out with squishy shorts again," as she slaps your thigh, making a loud squishing sound.

As you walk out, trying not to make too much noise with each step, you notice a few police officers walk in. Normally you'd think, 'No big deal, they're not here for me,' but tonight, you recognize these officers. These officers were on the roof with Inspector Dean.


Uh oh! What happens now?

          They're not here for you (sort of)


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