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"A Life" As A Phantom Thief | Anarchy4all | 5


Although it seems simple and only going to exacerbate the problem, a strip club will certainly help you enjoy the night and come down from your high, especially if you have a few drinks. 'A few,' you think to yourself, 'I'm an honest drunk, so it's definitely a good idea not to drink too much. Not to mention going in to work hung over would only help get me fired.' So, tonight, you drink a few beers, ogle nude women, and maybe get a lap dance. You change into a simple shirt and jeans, grab your wallet, and hop into your car. You sit in the driver's seat, just thinking, 'Should I really go back out tonight? Ugh, snap out of it, they don't know your face, they don't know your real name, there's no worries. The only chance they have to catch you is your voice, and you were speaking lower than usual and with much more of a flirty feeling behind it than normal. You'll be fine, though you should consider getting a device to garble your voice before the next heist.'

You pull out of your garage and drive off to the nearest club, a place called, "Udder Delight," famous for having some of the biggest breasts in the city. After a fifteen minute drive, you arrive at the club, getting a greeting from a giant neon cow with an over sized udder, staying half decent and still announcing the delights to be found inside. You walk up to the steroid case referred to as a bouncer, who informs you there's a fifteen dollar cover charge. Normally, you'd complain about highway robberry, but since you don't want to be crushed llike an ant, you pay without saying anything.

You walk in the front door and your eyes are immediately drawn to the blonde girl dancing on stage. Her DDs are almost certainly real, but with her dancing around, it's hard to tell, and her powder blue G-string is stuffed with bills, she's definitely popular. You head to the bar, order your first beer, and just sit back and watch her dance, causing the blood to rush to your penis.

After watching her twist her nipples, twirl around the pole, and a few other enticing moves, she gathers up her money and clothes and walks off stage, with a brunette with obviously fake G-cup tits taking her place. After watching her dance (if you can call it that) and gaze at the Gs for a few minutes, you get bored and focus on your third drink. Before you can order your fourth, the blonde from before sits beside you, wearing a black sleeveless babydoll and asks, "Something wrong with Katie?" motioning to the girl on stage.

"Not really," you tell her, "It's just, once I get used to her breasts, it's not exciting anymore."

"Oh, you want something more exciting then?" she asks with a glint in her eyes.

"Maybe, depends on what I'd get, and what I'd have to do to get it. By the way, I came in late and didn't catch your name."

"It's Cynthia, and for fifty bucks I could give you a private dance in the back. Or, if you'd rather," she leans in close and whispers into your ear, "for the same price and a ride home, I'm yours until noon. Or if you have to gun and run, it's thirty and the ride. And the price of the condoms is included in both."

Well, that's certainly a curve ball, you were only expecting a lap dance, but you have been single for almost a year, and the hand hasn't been cutting it for a while. She's definitely cautious and experienced, she has the condoms and charges for them, so she's better than the sluts who just let anyone go at them for enough money. But then again, that doesn't change the fact that prostitution is illegal out here and could get you in trouble. On the other hand, you are already a criminal, why not enjoy another criminal activity?

After a little debating, you turn to Cynthia to tell her your decision.


What do you decide?



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