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A Boy and his Lust | GawainZ | 3


I figure I could surprise him and I take actions into my own hands. I walk over to him from his side and I watch him for a bit. His eyes are closed and his head is tilted back a little as he works his shaft. I move over to his front and get on my knees and I put my hand over his and push it away gently and shove my mouth over his cock.

I can hear him begin to say something, but my head starts to bob up and down on his cock as soon as my lips touch it. I can feel the head inside my mouth as my tongue pleasures the shaft. My lips keep tight around him. I have never given head before, but I have had enough girls give me head to know what feels good.

my hands spread his legs a little more. I pump his cock with my hand. I lick his little hole with the tip of my tongue before looking up. His eyes are shut tight and he has not even taken note as to who is sucking his cock. He is just enjoying the pleasure.

My tongue travels from the base of his cock back up to the tip. My tongue makes circles over his cock's head and I bring it back into my mouth. My hand starts to work his shaft again as my lips wrap around the head. I keep this up for a few minutes before going back to taking as much of the cock as I can in my mouth. His cock is about average, 6 or so inches, but being new to this I do what I can. I take it about halfway into my mouth and after awhile I feel his hands grab my head. Hard.

He starts to fuck my face and a few seconds later I feel it. He shoves his cock into my throat holding me there. My eyes are wide open as his cum starts to pour into my throat. I try to swallow, but its hard and I pull off his cock coughing. I swallowed most of it, but some of his cum trailed down my chin from the corner of my mouth.

I can hear his breathing return to normal and he looks down at me. "Mm.. thanks for that... Wait. What the hell?" His eyes look a little angry. "Who said I wanted some boy to do this?" I look a little hurt and I say back. "I've seen you here for awhile... and I just wanted to help..."

He sighed. "Look, I don't like guys. I guess its my fault too for not paying attention. Just... go away. I don't want to see you again." I stand up and look down at him sitting on the bench. "Fine. Whatever." I storm away and curse at myself for even doing that for him.

I take my train home which came shortly and go inside. Angry and upset I go to sleep, and I never see the man again. I never tried something like that again.


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