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A Boy and his Lust | GawainZ | 3


I walk over slowly to him watching his hand. I get more excited feeling my cock get hard. I start to feel nervous then I finally say something once I get within a few feet of him.
"Um.. Hello, sir?"

His eyes open quickly and he looks over at me in shock. "What!?"
I am taken aback a bit surprised by how scared he looks. "Er... I just wanted to ask if you wanted any help..." I get on my knees and look at him. He adjusts himself and looks at my defensively.

"No! I don't like guys! What do you think I am?" He zips his pants back up and walks away. I sit there in the dark now alone and upset. The way he yelled at me I feel ashamed... and a little hurt. I almost want to cry, but I take a deep breath and walk back to where I was. I wipe my eyes and wait for the train and head home. Maybe I was just being stupid. All I know now is I lost all interest...


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