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A Boy and his Lust | GawainZ | 2


Its the next week now. Tuesday actually. Last night when I was home I masturbated thinking about what happened friday. I decided that I wanted to say something to him. I'm worried though. I do not know if he even likes boys, but I will try anyway. I am bisexual... though I have never done anything with someone else of the same sex before. Does not mean I can not start sometime.

Days go by and its not friday. I spend time with my friends, but I am pretty out of it the entire day. I am just thinking about what I am trying to do later that evening. I was getting excited so I tried to divert my thoughts.

It was getting late so I told my friends I was heading home, and I made my way to the train. I got there slightly earlier then the usual time, but that was merely because the train came a little early.

And so.. I waited. I sat there and waited for him. It felt like forever, but I saw his train come in. I watched the doors open and no one seemed to be coming off. After a few more moments he finally got off the train, and sat in his usual seat.

I waited maybe 20 more minutes for him to start. I could hear the soft sound of a zipper being lowered and I knew it was time. He was going to begin. I looked over very slightly and I could see his hand beginning to work his cock. It was time to make my move.


Say something first to him, or should you just get to it?

          Get his attention with words

          Get his attention with your mouth.


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