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A Boy and his Lust | GawainZ | 1


There he was again. It was late at night. Maybe almost 2 in the morning. I was waiting at the train terminal which I use to take a train back home. I am 19 years old of a few months ago, and a freshman in college. I attend a college about an hour away by train from here. Once I get here I take a transfer train which takes maybe an hour and a half before I am home.
It was a Friday night and as usual I was at a friends place til late. While some of my friends live at the college I live at a house my parents left me. I live alone, and I enjoy it.

Normally, I leave the school by 5pm so I can be home at a decent time, but Fridays I stay late with my friends. On average I'm alone when its this late, but for the last maybe... 2 months or so this man has been here as well. He gets off a train after mine. He wears a suit and appears to be a business man. He sits on a bench in the back in the outdoor area. When its this late the only lights are the indoor ones so all these outdoor benches have nothing but moonlight and whatever light you can get from the windows of the indoor area. By the time my train comes and I leave he is still there. Alone. In the same spot.

Maybe a month and a half ago I finally realized why he does. He masturbates. He sits on that bench with his pants unzipped. He grabs his cock with his hand and pumps it furiously in the dark. I can hear him now. His breathing becoming heavier. I can just make out the sight of him in the dark moving his fist up and down his hard member.

The first time I noticed I did not care much for it, and the second time was more of a 'Eh, Really? Again?' I'm used to it now. To be honest... I think the more correct word would be 'intrigued'. I watch him. It... excites me. I get hard watching him pleasure his cock which makes me want to do the same myself. I keep the feeling to myself, but its hard to do.

My train finally comes, and I head home. I look out the window and a shadow of his body on the wall. He probably did not even stop when the train came into the station.
Maybe... next week I'll give him a little surprise.


Come back next week and meet the man?

          Greet him as you are.

          Keep it a secret.


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