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A Boy at a Strict Girls School | Anarchy4all | 11


Looking down at the twitching bulge in your pants and knowing how badly she wants to cum, you figure you could learn if anal is anything like you've heard here and now. You remove your thumbs from her wrists and tighten the grip your fingers have on her so you can remove your pants. As you hook your thumbs into the waistband, you have a brief flashback to your old school. Unlike others, your school didn't replace sex ed with abstinence lectures, so you know the injuries you could inflict to , even with lube. You think to yourself, 'The fun stops when someone's injured. Not here, not now.' Feeling slightly guilty at the thought alone, you remove your thumbs from your slacks and decide to use a gloved finger or two to have your fun, making the only risks hygiene related.

You pull over to your desk and bend her over it, pressing her down forcefully. Keeping her pinned, you reach into a drawer and pull out a pair of gloves and handcuffs, all supplied by the school for a search and anything that could result from one. You put on the gloves and rub your fingers down her thighs, collecting some of her juices that have run down them, to lube up. You grab her ass and spread her cheeks, exposing her rosebud to your sights as you kneel down. Slowly, you insert your index and middle fingers, and notice that it's tight, but it doesn't offer much resistance. 'She's done this before,' you think, and the thought only spurs you to instantly shove the full length of both fingers into her, causing to moan loudly.

You spread your fingers so you can rub both ends of her rectum and turn your wrist to attack her from all angles. You pull your fingers out to the very tip of your index finger, and then thrust back in to the ends, and repeat, picking up speed. As you continue this assault, shocks you by thrusting herself back to meet your fingers, moaning all the while. Around the tenth or twelfth thrust, your middle finger presses the top of her rectal wall and screams as she squirts, the stream just inches from your face.

After a few long seconds, the stream ends and she comes down from her orgasm with heavy panting. You say, much more excited than you intend, "Well, your ass is fine, so I guess there aren't any other drugs on you." turns back to you and says, ", are we all done now?" as she pushes stray strands of blonde hair from her sweaty face. You look at her and say, "Well, we're done searching you. However, I'll also need to search your room for any substances. Take me to your room." weakly pleads, "Can I please get dressed first?" You look sternly at her, "That would jeopardize the deal. But I must say, if the results of your room search are anything like these results, my conditions won't be too severe." looks quizzically at you upon hearing the last part of the sentence, so you say, "I haven't given the conditions yet, so far this has just been me learning the severity of your rule breaking. If I didn't know that, I could have given you conditions that were too lenient. By knowing everything ahead of time, I can cut a proper deal."

's face falls, her eyes bugging out, as she finally realizes exactly what she's got herself into. She gets up and leads you out the door towards the dorms not even bothering to cover or clean herself, an added bonus to the whole situation. On the way, you pass several students, all of whom stop what they're doing to gawk at 's naked body and the cum on and around her pussy.

After her walk of shame (of course you view it as a walk of authority), the two of you are outside her room. Her room is on the top floor of this dorm, and is the farthest down the hall, the perfect place for a student to do any number of drugs. You turn to and say, "Well, since I can't have you interfering in the search, you'll have to stay out here. And, since that would be a great chance for you to run away or hide, I'm going to need to restrain you." You take her back to the radiator located at about the halfway point of the hall, knowing that at this point in the year it's off. You pull out the handcuffs you took earlier, cuff one wrist, feed the other end through the radiator, and cuff the other one, securing and exposing her all at once.

Using the master key Miss Stevens entrusted you and the prefects to use responsibly, you enter 's room to begin the search.


How does the search go?

          Not good (for )


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