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A Boy at a Strict Girls School | Anarchy4all | 10


"Well, first, I'll need to pat you down."

"Alright, hold it," says with outrage and disgust in her voice. "I'm naked right now, there's no need to pat me down."

"But how do I know that you're really naked?" you counter trying to keep your voice and face as steady and serious as possible. "I have met women who wore plastic breast moldings so they'd be bigger up top, even in the pool, and I've never met you before. So, how am I supposed to know if those C-cups are real? After breaking the school's trust by bringing in weed, I can't really trust your word any more."

snaps, "Alright you perv, let's get Miss Stevens involved. I think she'd like to know what her Head Boy is doing with his power."

"Alright, have it your way, let's go get Miss Stevens," you say calmly. You stand up, grab her arm, and lead her towards the door. "WAIT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" she shrieks as you begin unlocking the door. "Well, so far this incident isn't worth wasting Miss Stevens' time. So, instead of wasting her time, we'll go to her and let her do whatever she needs to do until we get to her office." She looks at you in shock, "What about my clothes?" You look at her, "Can you prove your clothes are in my desk? I could always just tell Miss Stevens I found you coming out of someone's room naked with a joint in your hand and brought you straight to her."

places a hand on the door, and says, defeated, "Up against the wall and spread 'em, right?" You nod to her, as you relock the door. leans into the wall and spreads her legs, showing off her heart shaped ass and a bit of her pussy lips. You come up behind her, pressing your fabric covered hard-on into her ass cheek, and cup her breasts in each hand. You knead and squeeze her breasts into her chest, savoring the feel of her firm breasts with each squeeze. Despite her protesting earlier, you can tell she's enjoying this as her breath quickens and her nipples harden further into your palms.

Acting official, you state calmly, "Well, those breasts are real, and since your ass feels firm but smooth, it must be real, too. Now that I'm sure you're naked, I can start the cavity search. Let's start with your vagina." You turn around and kneel in front of her. You look up, "Now, some of what I do may seem and feel unusual, but let me assure you, it all has purpose."

You lick up the folds of 's pussy lips, all the way up to her clit, she moans as your tongue circles it a few times. Enjoying the flavor of her juice, you decide to lick up her lips again, this time stopping halfway up. After sliding your tongue side to side to slightly wedging your tongue in, you thrust your tongue deep into her, causing her to gasp. Her gasp turns into a series of moans as you flail your tongue all around the top of her walls. You curl your tongue back slightly, and are rewarded when you hear her shriek out, you focused the pressure on her G-spot. Knowing you have her on the verge of an orgasm, your tongue quickly retreats back to your mouth as you pull your face away. groans as one of her hands reaches for your head and the other her pussy, but you grab her wrists before they reach their targets. groans even louder and rubs her legs together, causing you to smile and think to yourself, 'I've got her.'

"Well," you state, trying, but failing, to sound professional, "the taste is normal and I couldn't find any containers, so your pussy's clean. All that leaves now is your ass."


How do you "search" her ass?

          Consider your cock, but . . .


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