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"A Life" As A Phantom Thief | Anarchy4all | 4


Since the priority is to steal the statue, taking out the lone officer guarding it before the other shows up is the main concern. You walk right up to him, cover your nose and mouth, and quickly pull out a can of sleeping gas and spray him with it. Just as it should, the gas knocks him out in a matter of seconds. With the only guard out of the way, you secure the Wendigo onto a trolley and begin leaving the hall pushing the trolley. Before clearing the hall, you remember, you forgot to leave your card, so you run back to the case and drop a card with a drawing of your mask on it to where the Wendigo once sat.

You begin running across the hall, Wendigo in hand, on your way to the cargo elevator, which you made very sure earlier today was stopped on the tenth floor. The run to the elevator causes the sound of the trolley's wheels to grow louder and louder in your mind. You check your watch, this seemingly endless run has gone on for only two minutes, you still have three minutes to play with until the police can stop you by the time you reach the elevator. Forcing open the door is a small challenge, but doesn't eat up too much time, only thirty seconds at the most. You step onto the elevator with the Wendigo, and quickly secure the trolley to the elevator and double check the Wendigo's connection to the trolley.

Once the set-up is complete, you open the roof door of the elevator and climb on top of the elevator. After securing yourself to the elevator, you severe the cables on the elevator, causing the elevator to drop to the bottom floor, and you miraculously make it without screaming or biting your tongue. Now that you're in the loading area, the pressure is off, and the hardest challenges are behind you.

You load the statue into a truck you prepared and disguised earlier. You change into a delivery uniform, and drive out of the loading dock as though the van belonged to the museum and you an employee. You exit the museum, and notice there aren't any witnesses to your exit, making your job that much easier. As you head towards the main road, you rip off the museum seal you pasted on the side of the truck, and begin an act as a simple delivery service running late.

After a few hours of driving, you manage to get back to your house and load the statue into your basement. The dangers of this night have passed, your theft was successful. You enter your home, adrenaline still rushing through your veins. You pull off your rubber mask and finally expose your true face. You can't help but thank God, Buddha, Zeus, and any other divine figure you can think of that you have a job with a delivery company. If you hadn't had that and the truck that came with the job, this heist may not have gone so smoothly.

Despite the fact that you're now a criminal, you can't help but feel the need to get out of here and take the night by storm. Something, ANYTHING to help you come down from this high, in a few hours you have to go back to being a normal delivery man. But for now, you are the newly born , enjoy this night for a while, you earned it.


How do you enjoy this night?

          A strip club


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